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What should I do?

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I have a question.

But before that I'm going to tell you about me. I fell in love with this senior in my school, and our class is just 1 class ahead from me. He is the younger brother of my teacher in my school, and I'm the daughter of one of the teacher in my school.

I don't know how I fell in love with him but the aura he gave me making my heart went badump-badump. And I'm the type of stay quiet when I like someone. But, I always tell my friends. And one of my friends accidentally told my crush's friend about me liking him.

Then, my friends keep telling me that he sometimes look at me. And well, I have caught him staring at me once, but after I look at him, he looks at different direction. At first I was so confused because that time I want to move on, because I know he will never notice me. So, I stopped myself. But after witnessing this, I went crazy on him again.

We never talk to each other, nor smile. He didnt even spare me a glance when we walked past each other, and I did the same to not make it obvious.

So my questions is what should I do?

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  1. You should get your guardians involved if you want to marry this guy and if not, then avoid the guy at all cost. Get your dad or brother to speak to the guy and see if he would be interested for a meet up where its you and him plus your guardian. Make sure you remain halal throughout the whole way and avoid anything such as private conversations and stuff because they can be an easy trick by the shaytan.

    In the future keep all private matters to yourself to avoid any problems in the future.

  2. OP: So my questions is what should I do?

    Don't do any thing. If you guys start talking, it could easily lead to sex/sexual touching. Guy will leave you when he had all he wanted from you. You will be left with guilt of sin you committed for life.

    • I agree with SVS.
      Don't do anything.

      Don't initiate anything before you get yourself deep in.
      And try not to get your friends involved, they seem like the type that will encourage you to commit such sins and egg you on.
      But remember, it will be YOU who will deal the consequences, not them. It will be YOU who will be liable for sin.

      If you still feel inclined towards this person, tell your family- let them initiate it for you- you don't need to.

      All the best

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