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Asalam o alikum brother

I need advice as per Islam

In 2012 looking for marriage and found a girls on different Web sites in Jul I found one girl on a single muslim Web site. We met each other and share our mind and ask question the month of ramddan we met and I ask her about fasting prayer reading of Quran she said yes I do then the same thing she ask me I said read prayer do fasting and not read the Quran.

Then we start met again and again and fall in love. We decide we married with each other and we done every thing before marriage, not the child one as she said maybe and she eat some pills. Then we decide to introduce our family and start plan to marry. We have some issue with our family like her family said we need security give her house 50% basis. I said first no because my mind we rent the house start our life, then decide ok, then we decide first do nikah.

Before 9 days of wedding then again start issue, her brother said how we can trust that you not give her divorce, then his brother decide £10000 ten thousand pound for haq mehar. I said ok I doing real marriage not the fake one, I am not going to leave her short I decide. And on wedding night after rukhsati as I turn the car she start screaming shouting and throw the ring and telling me my mom is not give her love and hug as I know she sit with her and hug her kiss her I said I will show you later in video.

We start our marriage life and start problem. She is using her mobile at midnight when I am sleeping. In morning when I wake up she is on what's app 4am 3am 2am different time. Later I ask her I don't like you are not sleeping and on what's app. She said I am talking with my niece and nephew. From the first her mobile is locked and silent when I am home and my things are open start issue than she start search my phone and she found some email and audio recording the past one 2008,2009,2010. Some audio is evidence I am talking to girls clearly what I am saying.

Anyway we both lie we don't have past. After that I start her previous mobile search I got some data. I said if I have past than u have also. I said after nikah as I am muslim I am fair with you. I am not involved with any girls. Then start trust issue same time.

After few month I ask her we need to start our fresh life, I need baby for her trust. She refuse me. We both done prayer, I teach her how to pray and done the Quran kasam, we trust each other and start fresh. We went so many places in UK and travel 2 international travel as a holidays and honeymoon birthday event 14 Feb etc. For her trust I always talk to her as a video call or bring her with me at job place but still we have arguments.

Whenever we have arguments she treats me like I am not her husband. I think I am stranger. She broke the things throw on me etc and one day our matter with police and I am arrested as she said I throw her on bicycle - that is lies, I got some audio and video recording prove I don't break the things and don't hit her abuse her. She did it anyway. On that fight her family get involve as they live near, less than 2 mile. Again patch up and start life as we have still issues with trust...


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  1. first of all you should trust your wife. you asked questions from your wife about whats app . you are caught, your past! which you hide from her deep inside she believe you hide things from her and that you are having affairs with the other girls. you investigated her
    you should not ask her such questions again and again if you trust her. sit and discuss the problems you both are having.
    tell her "its not the way to treat another person the way you are doing. i respect you and in turn i expect the same".

  2. Assalamualaikum please ask forgiveness for all your past sins , and turn towards allah for guidance .


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