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What should I do with my hijab?


Salam, I am muslim girl, and I recently start doing hijab. I am the only one in my family doing hijab and my family neither encourage me or stop me. There are many non-mehram in our relatives e.g uncles etc. These relative come to our house frequently. If I don't greet or meet them they think I am disrespecting them or insulting them, and they think badly of my family. I don't know what should I do? And also my family is looking for my marriage - what if some one (male person) wants to see me or my face, what should I do, should I let them or not? Please help me.

sana mughal

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  1. Alaikum salam sister,

    All relatives are mehrams to you (uncles from both mother and father's side) There is absolutely nothing wrong with greeting them. They are your family, so yes it's better to greet them. However your cousins are not your mehrams, you are able to marry them, therefore you should cover when you are among your male cousins.

    • salam Sister

      If some one want to get married to you he can see you not covering the face . He can see you the normal way you stay at home without makeup.
      it is Halal, and even encouraged.

    • Not all relatives are mehrem ..How can you pass such wrong information ?
      If a uncle happens to be cousin of her mother then he will be non mehrem . All of your cousins will be non mehrems for you too ,All cousin's grown up boys will be non mehrem for you too .. etc etc .

      Please learn more about mehrems and non mehrems in islam .

  2. Assalam wa Alikum sister

    Alhamdulillah your wearing a hijab now.

    Your first question about non-mehram about non mahram relatives coming over. All you have to do is greet them when they are around you and your immediate family with Assalam wa Alikum or wa Alikum Assalam if they say it first. And if you are alone with them then greet them but leave the room, make any excuse.

    Don't have any physical contact such as hugs. Avoid it by crossing your arms and moving away (maybe pretend you have to get something that's in the room) or leave the room (make excuses if you have to).

    They may dislike you and say so and so but that should not bother you, after a while they will get used to this and get over it. And if your family ask why you behaved this way then communicate your reasons with verses from Quran and authentic hadith about non mahram and then say I wont go against Allah. Doesn't matter what they think; feel at peace that you don't have to answer to Allah about your actions. If you want, you can tell your brothers or father to tell your non mahram family members why you behaved that way so they don't think you were being rude.

    I think most of them would understand and even expect you to act different because most people see when a muslim wears the hijab, it is a statement that you are serious about your religion and practicing it.

    As for seeing your hair for marriage purposes, I'm not sure, some hadiths say it is but I don't know if they are authentic, I hope someone else can answer this inshaaAllah. If you meant face and not hair, then I don't see how showing your face is wrong but it is up to you.

    Hope I helped

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