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English Translation of the Dua for Istikhaarah

Dua for Istikhaarah

Asslam o alaikum

My family has been planning to buy a plot and then build a house there for 3 weeks, we had even choose rooms,sizes,washroom style, bedroom design,kitchen design,enterance, furniture and we were going to select  the plot but the last moment my grandmother did istikhara of offering namaz e istikhara and picking a chit 3 times, and it was negative now everyone said if it's negative than notging can be done but I have been saving money for my furniture for a long time and I have been searching whole night for furniture, now what should I do step out of it?

if any one can do that istikhara one more time for me I would be very thankful.

Help me please


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  1. Wa'alaikum Assalam,

    "Salam sister,

    No one can do YOUR istikhara for YOU. Even if its a mufti praying, it does not count. He does not know your situation as well as you do. I suggest you and the boy both separately do your own istikharas for a month or so, and try to see if negative or positive things happen between two of you or in life in general. If its negative things happening, like a big fight or something, then take it as a sign and leave the boy alone. If its positive, then nothing could take that boy away from you because he was made for you!

    InshAllah it all works out,
    Shereen" (

    The above in quotes is from a post in the link above. Shereen has a good point, no one can do istikhara for you. No one else knows the importance of your situation more than you.

    All I can say is to pray to Allah.

    May Allah help you in your situation.

    • what are you talking about what does this have to do with a boy

      • Im laughing now! I think brother Mohammed Faruque is trying to say that the grandmother cannot do istikhara for the man's house...but rather the man do istikhara for his own house? Either way, picking chits does not sound like a valid way of doing istikhara.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    As far as I know, picking chits after doing Istikhara is not the right way to find the answer. The answer from Istikhara maybe in the form of signal in a dream or having feeling that what you are going to do is wrong or there will be obstacles in the way to complete that task.

    Also your grandmother can do Istikhara because she will be living in that house and because she is a part of the family which is going to move in there. But the way she tried to find the result of that Istikhara seems wrong.

    Also, it's better if you do Istikhara, I'm wondering why haven't you done Istikhara yourself yet. What is stopping you from doing Istikhara ?

    Also, if the plot you were planning to buy has gone out of hand don't stress about it, there are many ups and downs in life which come and go. Maybe Allah has better in store for you and your family in the future.

    May Allah grant you a peaceful home.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    That's not istikhara. Please read our published articles on this subject.

    Midnightmoon editor

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