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What to decide in this situation?

Marriages betweent the people of different faiths are becoming a norm.

Asalam o alaikum. I am a muslim girl about 29 years of age. I am in love with a nonmuslim but he is not agreed to marry me but says he loves me. Now my family is pressurizing me to get married with someone and I am afraid because I cant give love to someone else nor have feeling for anyone else. I am so upset what to do. nothing is in my hands.


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  1. No You can not marry with Nonmuslim boy. "The Quran Says Do not marry with Nonmuslim" If you do this. You will be a Kafir. Please which person who select your parents. Nowadays NonMuslims doing Conspiracy (Sajish)
    Please search a Video on youtube "I was just a toy for him" BBC video See this video on youtube and after you will see the truth. "The Quran Says Do not marry with Nonmuslim" Respect your parents & think about your parents.. Take care of your parents dignity. ALLAH HAFIZ

    • It is haram for her to marry a non-Muslim, but it does not make her kafir. Be careful when throwing around such labels, it is dangerous.

      Wael Editor

  2. Leave him for the sake of Allah..and only love of Allah will replace it..

  3. I'm sorry for your pain sis, but please try to remember that he's not Muslim so it would not work out and you can't convert him because you want to be with him because that is against our religion. Make dua to Allah and trust in his plans

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