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What to do when the answer was not clear?

Dua woman at Sunset

I performed dua Istikharah (to seek Allah's Counsel), about if I should divorce from an abusive man.

I am trully and still in distress. Unfortunately, the answer had let me more in doubt than clarified, once had two colors, white and red (a big window closed with huge red curtains over it, and a bed that behind the headboard, between it and the wall, had a lot white parts broken as it was braked or dismounted from bed headboard somehow and leted there, all white). - I had performed the Istikharah in a really very simple way, once im sick, and even thinking that may i would neigher receive a answer, but once i was desperate i had a hope, and on the first night already had received the answer even not facing the Qibla (i tryed to lay all night on this position, but it dont had leted me sleep), i only sleeped when i changed my position to a comfortable one while already was basically morning, and then i had the answer, what made me waked up somehow after it and say "Thanks". I dont know what to do once im not allowed to seek the Counsel from Allah again. The answer was not helpful and this man are becoming worse. And i dont wanna go against Allah... And i already had waited a long time, believing on the best. But im seeing myself whitout a path...and i will end up doing what the situation forces me for.

AtualizationI: I was in doubt (because it i had made Istikharah) if it was because his mind problems of if he is a ill character, but now under all i had passed by his hands and what i had been hearing from his mouth, i believe now he is a ill character, is impossible a person do that just because have a problem. Do not have how go away and avoid this thinking anymore, im suffering way too much. And do not have a place on rio de janeiro that i can seek Islamic help. And im tired from his distortions.
AtualizationII: "Whoever seeks the counsel of the Creator will not regret it and whoever seeks the advice of the believers will feel confident about his decisions. Allah saed in the Quaran:
And consult them in the affair. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah".
(Al-Bukhari 7/162 and Aal-Imram 3:159)
Here, i used these informations:
(go until down the page and may you will understand)

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  1. Sister, plz check the info about istikhara on this page. You seem to be confused about how to do istikhara.

  2. AOA wrh
    May Allah help you through your problems.
    sister you can watch this really helpful.

  3. IF THIS PERSON HAS Iman he will ask forgiveness he will acknowledge his wrong .In some cases a person who is trying to be good but the foundation is not solId and unstable .So SHAITANs who is the 3rd between you n him whispers his weakness...You must confront him and tell him I am humanbeing and Allah will question you how you treat me.Instill some fear .if this fails you can divorce him it is the last resort....Never feel that you were the problem SHAITAN is very smart.....hold firm to the quran it will give yo peace of mind contentment prosperity etc....SHAITAN dislikes burns him and he stays away from the light of remember is short....there is one more thing read manzil daily or listen to it both of you...just Google it 1st to understand what it daily ....

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