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When will my husband come back? (CLOSED)

Missing husband, absent husband, man with suitcase at airport

When will my married life get better, and when will my husband come back to me?

- afsha

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  1. As-salamu alayukum sister afsha,

    Only Allah knows the future. Anyone who claims to be able to answer such questions by means of fortune-telling - whether they call it astrology or numerology - is a liar. Some people even claim to be able to do "istikhara" using birth dates and names, and to answer these questions. These people are liars and they are committing shirk. True Istikhara has nothing to do with such things.

    Make dua' to Allah to help you with your difficulties. Also, do what you can to resolve whatever problems exist between you and your husband. If it is a situation that can be fixed - if he is not abusive, cheating, drunk, etc - then try to fix it. Without more information, there is no further advice I can offer.

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    Wael Editor