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Allah says in Qur'an 2:239: "He has taught you that which you knew not." And the Prophet Muhammed(saw) said: "Whoever adopts the path of seeking knowledge, Allah eases for him the way to Paradise."

Assalamu Aliakum Brothers and Sisters.

First off, Eid Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters in Islam. Takabbal-allahu Mini Wa Minkum. And Keep on Glorifying our Lord within those days 🙂

Okay here we go, I'm Currently doing my degree course and about to finish this coming December Insha Allah and Soon after i finish i have planned to learn Arabic (so i can be able to understand Quran better as well as the religious books - as my primary goal) and especially to learn more about the deen by taking Hadith, Fiqh, Uloomul-Quran or any other related field but Hadith is always my top choice in any Islamic country/school.

However, i only wanna study in Arabic speaking country so that it becomes must for me to speak Arabic all the time and so i can and i know i must learn it as quicker as possible Insha Allah. In addition, i also wanna study for just about 'One year' before i continue for my master program who knows i may study for more than that! and leave master program later. One thing - Certificate is not my priority.

Whilst i prepare studying in Middle eastern country or any Arabic speaking country such as Egypt but, as we are all aware of the on going civil and political war, the killing of our brothers and Sisters in many places (Ya Allah Save the Muslim Ummah - My thoughts are with them) this make it hard for me to decide where to study and especially i'm just dumb when comes to knowing about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions and especially from those who are from the Muslim countries. (No doubt i like to study in Egypt of course)

Here i want make some restrictions :-

- I don't want any Shia country (Such as Iran, Bahrain and soon), Nor do i want any Shia School. Nor do i want any school who are on anything other than Ahlus-sunna Wal-Jama'a School (like Al azhar :P)

- Being a teen - just 19 years old about to be 20,  I only wanna study in country with less Fitnah from the opposite gender and also in school with only boys only or at least where communication between girls and boys is strictly controlled.

- I want to study only in Countries where there is no this civil or political or any sort of war... Just peace country

- Lastly, I would like to please know about the amount required for the studies as I want make sure that i can do everything by myself, My family are not even aware of it and i don't wanna ask even a penny from them. (They will know when i find the school)

- Yup, excuse me Finally, i would be Glad to hear from the people in the Arab countries about the situations and from those who knows any Islamic school about the finance, environment and the mode of studies, whether there is campus in the school or not, about the school and and stuffs like that. I just want some brief information about the school.

Jazakumullah Khyran for reading and esp. for your help and support :).



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  1. Modern Arabic and classical Arabic are very different. To understand Quran, you need to study classical Arabic, it's grammar, and the origins of words. Modern Arabic is inadequate for that task, which is why tafsirs are common in Arabic Qurans.

  2. AsSalaamu Alaikum brother,

    It's nice to know about your intention to study more about Islam. However, I think one year would not be enough for studying Arabic and Islamic sciences. You may need at least two years to master your Arabic language skills before starting your Islamic studies program in Arabic language. This might sound like a long journey, unless if you are willing to postpone your secular master program, or at least pursue it at an online accredited institution. You may also decide to do you secular master program on-campus, and then study the Arabic and Islamic sciences at a reputable and accredited on-line Islamic Sunni University taught in English language (e.g. ). After that, you may move to a Muslim country for working purpose, and then continue with your Islamic studies through a one-on-one lessons, or by finding a masjid that offer evening lessons in a particular field that you want (e.g Uloomul-Hadith, Uloomul-Quran, Usoolut-Tafsir, Usoolul-Fiqh, Usoolul-'Aqeedah, Usoolul-Tazkiyah/Akhlaq ect...).

    After your master program on campus and your Arabic and Islamic studies online (regardless of whether you get the chance to move to a Muslim country or not) you can still further your Islamic lessons online from an authentic Islamic sites, such as (traditional Islamic lessons, sermons, and books by Shiekh ibn al-Uthaimeen--may Allah be pleased with him and have mercy on him).

    Below are some suggestions for good Islamic institutions, where you can study on campus, inshaAllah.

    1. Islamic University of Madinah (Saudi Arabia).

    2. Ummul-Qura University (Saudi Arabia).

    3. Qatar faculty of Islamic studies (Qatar).

    The above mentioned Islamic institutions provide full tuition scholarships for qualified and eligible students. You may contact them to find out more.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss with your family before making your final decision. As they could also help with some useful advice inshaAllah.

    Also do not forget to pray istikhara and rely on Allah while deciding which way to go.

    Hope this helps inshaAllah.


    Al-Azhar has a membership that represents the theological schools of Al-Ashari and Al-Maturidi, the four schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence (Hanafi, Malaki, Shafi, and Hanbali), They have online courses.

  4. offers an excellent course in classical Arabic.

  5. Hello brother,
    it's nice to hear from you. you can search the following links and see if they are helpful.

  6. hello sir last night i went to drink water to kitchen on the way my parents door was opened and i heard different voices like a pump it was really dark and i saw my parents doing something my mother was on her and going up and down and they both were saying something i am really horrified what they were doing i am 12 and yeah one more thing they were naked please help what was that my parents didn't told me about that

    • Assalaamualaikam

      If you're worried about what you saw, it might be best to speak to your dad - let him know that you're upset and unsure what was happening. InshaAllah he can then explain things to you. Your parents are probably the best people to ask, as they know you and each other, so can explain things appropriately.

      Midnightmoon editor

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