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Whether to remarry or not?


As salam wa alaikum! I am female 33 living in Australia and I have 2 yr old daughter. My husband divorced me 6 months back as soon as he got his residency. My mum says I should not remarry now and live alone with my daughter all my life. My ex husband does not help us in anyway, he doesnot even come to see his daughter or give any money or support. I have severe back problem after I gave birth and I struggle everyday. I also work and have to send daughter to childcare. I recently started driving and not a good driver. I want to remarry as I am young and beautiful and I want to be happy. Mum says dont marry as I will make bad decision. Life is Australia is really tough and I have no family here and limited friends. My parents and brother live overseas. I feel if I marry now to right person, he can be father to my child and she will not be fatherless. Her real father does not want her. I have a very good proposal and I wish to take this on. I feel very lonely and depressed, I also want to have someone in my life who loves me and whom I love. Please advise.


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  1. Go for it ofcourse you have a right to get married just make sure he accepts your daughter and if he does get married and enjoy your life

  2. Salam Sister,

    You are still young, there is no need for you to be alone all your days, remember your daughter is getting older everyday. I would advise for you to pray istiqhara and then make a decision.

  3. It seems like your real question should be "why does my mom give such advice?" I think if you can have a successful marriage then sure, why not remarry?

  4. Its your life youre a grown woman now not a teenager. Marriage is half your deen and in islam this is one of the reasons multiple marriages are even allowed to be able to support women who are on their own. So go ahead, look for someone, marriage is encouraged. Pray istikhara when you do and remember to have a good criteria before you seek someone so you can be with someone who is a better and good match for you. It is your life and you are the one who will be alone if you dont get married in the end - its not your mothers choice as well meaning as she may be, you still ultimately decide. You dont deserve to be alone, be happy.

  5. Sis GO FOR IT..

    i dont know why your mom is being a hurdle for your happiness.

    Insha Allah have faith in Allah, perform your istikhara (the right one as per Sunnah) and go for the marriage proposal.

    May Allah give us all the best in this life and the here-after.

  6. Dear Angelsmum,

    Please find out some information about this proposal from trusted sources and if they are positive about his character and deen then in Shaa Allah accept his proposal.

    May Allah swt make it easy for you, ameen xx



    • Get married sister !! If the current proposal is a decent guy, and you have done your research with regards to him and feel he will keep you and your daughter happy then get married. Do istikhara as well, and perhaps talk to your brother/dad re: the proposal and let them meet him too. It's a bit odd that your mother is telling you otherwise, what's her logic behind it? If it's because she doesn't think this man will be good for you then fair enough but if it's simply because she wants you to avoid a second marriage then that's not good enough!

      If you do decide to remarry I pray that Allah swt blesses your marriage and keeps you both in love and united in this life and in the hereafter. And that he accepts your daughter as his own and treats her with kindness and respect. Ameen

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