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Why are there nude images in my mind?

two muslim men praying

Since one week I have become really depressed because I see naked photos of people in my mind, especially when I offer prayer.

I try a lot to take them out of my mind but they come again and again.

Please tell me the solution how to take them out of my mind please help me.


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  1. Salams MAWA,

    It is Satan trying to trick you. If it comes again then read 2 rakats extra. As Satan does not want you to read extra salat the images will go away over time. If its the nufs then the nufs will also not like to pray extra. Do lot of Astakhfar when you are not praying.

    • Thanks Authentic Advice for guiding me.

      What I meant to say that two Rakats extra Nawafal after you have completed the Salat.

      So if you are reading 3 Rakats furd for Maghrib, 2 Sunnah and 2 Nawafal. Then if you are not satisfied with the concentration of your heart, mind or body then you can pray 2 Nawafal extra. This way the next salat comes your nafs will know that if you don’t pray it properly then you are going to pray two Nawafal extra at the end of the salat (except Asar salat). This is an authentic way to discipline your nafs in your Salat. Nawwafal Salat brings one closer to Allah and further away from the haram.

  2. Very timely, as my respected colleague and brother AbdulWali just sent me this:

    "Even when we are praying shaitan whispers in our ears. Stay focused so that you are not distracted by his evil whisperings."

    SisterZ Editor

  3. Salaam,

    Wen i was depressed i had a similar situation but now Alhamdulilah
    im improving with great guideneess and help.
    What i do is i always put a English Naat/ Nasheed and it clears my mind
    It might help u and as Br Asadullah sed Its just Shaytaan Whispering Wrong things and controlling ur mind stay focussed wen u pray try and picture The Ka'bah ...
    Insha Allah it will all wotk out
    Miss H

  4. Please do not start prayer extra rakahs and ruining your salah, I do not know where on earth Asadullah is getting this advice from but I am not aware of anything authentic that advises this and I know that if you intentionally add two RAKAHS to your salah with no valid reason then you are going to invalidate your salah.

    I THINK Asadullah actually means doing two SUJOOD after completing the salah, this is only done for valid reasons.

    The ACTUAL authentic advice my dear MAWA , as this is something that is known in Islam, is to DURING THE SALAH seek refuge in Allah from shaytan "audhubillah.. etc." and then turn your head to facing your left and spit DRYLY three times, then turn back and continue with your salah.

    This doesn't interrupt the salah and actually makes it more complete and perfect!! 🙂

  5. Also I am not sure about the authenticity of picturing the ka'ba during the prayer, what I believe is better is if you actually have a REALISATION during your salah that you are actually praying to Allah, so you should actually focus on the words you are saying, also you are meant to recite the silent prayers (dhuhr, Asr) slightly audiable enough for yourself to hear it and it isn't meant to be imagined, you're actually meant to speak the words silently in a low voice. With this you should be more focused. Of course also during loud prayers there shouldn't be a great problem, just make sure there isn't a moment where you are totally silent during the prayer, with the takbir, tasbih, recitation etc. during your salah there shouldn't be a second where your mind wanders off, and if it does then realise this and CORRECT yourself immediately and don't follow your thoughts, except in the case of possibly very good beneficial thoughts such as when some sahaba used to organise the army stratagies etc. in their minds during prayer.

    • I have a follow up question...

      How do you focus on the words only if you know the meaning of the words you are reciting. I find that it takes too long to read a word and then focus on the English meaning of the word. How does one come around this?

      • i think authenic advice means, think about the words your saying, rather than passively recall them from your memory, you can pray salah without focus on what your saying, and so your mind wonders off, this is because the words are stored in the long term memory, and when we recall our cortex does not actively process the words, since they are stored in a recallable manner, and so a part of the brain that is normally active is without use and so thoughts from before come into our minds, and images from the past, if however we think about the words we say and engage the prefrontal cortex, then we are actively engaing all the brain in our praying and their is no time for it to process and recall such images or thoughts.

        hope i am referring correctly to the advice, and hope this helps

        • Indeed, this is true brother Kelvenater:

          I don't know all the meaning of the surah's I read in salah, however, I do know the meaning of Surah Fatihah, so when I read it, I focus on the meanings as well, in English, it works! Alhamdulillah!

          Try it!

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