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Why does it take so long to get something from Allah?

Istikhara is not like a computer where you feed it names and dates and it spits out an answer

I am a woman who faces so many dangers in life. I believe God saved me several times from that dangerous situation. But when I want to getting something immediately, then it becomes too late and after many days I MAY get what I asked for.

My question is here:  Is Allah testing me, or am I a bad woman to Allah? Please try to give my answer quickly. Ialways try to go for namaz, and I am trying various types of dua. Ialways try to be happywith Allah, and I have good faith in Allah for anything.

-swati sadat

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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Allah is the best of planners, so try to trust in Him. What He has willed to be, will be, and what He has decreed will not happen, will not happen.

    When you feel frustrated at not getting what you want or feel you need, try to accept that there is a reason for this - it is all part of Allah's plan for you. I'll give a personal example. When applying for jobs as an intern, I was really keen to work in a particular place. But, I ended up in a different placement. I was initially really disappointed and angry with the system and myself. But the post turned out to be brilliant... Most importantly, during the course of the post, I ended up learning about and accepting Islam, Alhamdulillah. So, although the situation initially felt like the end of the world, it led to good changes - I wouldn't go back and change it even if I could. We can't always see why something is happening or not happening, but we can place our trust in Allah that what occurs is His will.

    You might find it helpful to read and reflect on Al-Kahf, especially the verses describing Musa (peace be upon him) travelling with one of Allah's servants (ayahs 60 - 82, I think - if I'm incorrect, I hope someone can correct me, inshaAllah).

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Hello Sister,

    I have read your letter, asking for help from a religious and Allah fearing person, I also sees this sort of situation, sometimes i feels that may be Allah doesn't want my prays or he's looking forward for lots of Astigfurallah from my side, this only excertly Allah knows, but within that time period when i sees no help or support from anywhere, its drags me toward annoyedness and sometimes i quit my Namaz, than later-on i asks for forgiveness and regularly comes back toward Namaz.

    Once I read in ahadiss that recite Astigfurrallah as much you can becs it will open doors toward success, not only in this world but in after death world, (Doomsday)

    what i have known about Islam is just not more than 0% than too i am still hopeful that inshallah Allah will listen to us one day, I loved a girl approx more than 17 years and at last she married to someone else, the whole years i were regular Namazi and five times, looks like Allah didn't wanted that we two should be joint and lived together.
    So sister don't dis hearted yourself and have confident on Allah and what i sees inshallah Allah will turn your life and pay you more best than this current situation.


  3. thank u

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