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Why in-laws don’t like widows and divorced women??

Is it in Islam? To hate the daughter in law who is their son's wife, and not to accept her because she is widowed or divorced, or has a child? What? Why they can do like that? Because of society, because of relatives, and because of culture? How can they do that?

And some husbands also not standing up for their wives.. then who will support their wives? They have respect for the parents, but why don't the parents have respect for their children?

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  1. Asslamu Alaikum Sister,
    How about you tell these husbands that if they had a daughter and someone treated their daughters this way, how would they feel? Also, there is no better example of a Muslim husband that Prophet Muhammed, Peace and Blessings be upon him, who treated divorced women with the utmost respect and honor. And there is a limit for everything, especially for the treatment of in laws towards their daughters and sons in law. I think that sometimes husbands need to be reminded of how much respect women and children need, and there's no better example than Prophet Muhammed, Peace and Blessings be upon him. And as for who will support the wives and children if the husbands aren't...Allah will. And all you really need is Allah in this life, because Allah will give those rewards for their patience during hardships.

  2. assalam alaikum..
    is it necessary for in laws,to accept unmarried girl for their sons, why they are thinking,like,woman is not good for their sons because of sucieties,because of cultures,if they will do this all,than this right or wrong ??
    if they will do before marry thats fine,but after marry if they will break marry because of ,suciety,culture,and for relative than where their daughter in law will go? son wants to keep marriage and parents wants to break. why this almost happening this all???

  3. Assallamualaikum...

    i know that mother or in-laws just want the best for their son and daughters...

    but please be reminded that the Prophet (SAWS) himself never marry a virgin except Aishah (RAA) ... most of them were widows..

    truly,,,most teachings in islam were forgetten and should i say, neglected due to pride and humility by these narrow - minded hypocrisy people due to their stand in the society...

    just bear in our mind ----everything we've done will be accounted on us on the day of judgement...

    i barely agree with you brother gazal...


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