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Why NO punishment for cheating spouse?


1) Why there is no punishment PRISCRIBED by Allah or shariah for a married women who is cheating her husband with another married man
She did not have intercourse but are having verbal affair and planning to get divorce and then get married.
A HARAM thing then doing so called HALAL thing ? Still Allah will forgive them ( if they repent ) ?
2) And then she is allowed to get married to the other man ( after repentance," oh i am really... sorry, its a sin , its a mistake, i will never ever do it again....)
3) why is she not to be killed (a)if proven beyond doubt (b) if she confess ( they did not have intercourse but are having verbal affair and planning to get divorce and then get married)

Please answer urgently...


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  1. Because they didn't have intercourse. That's why no Islamic punishment.

    If the spouses knows and they don't like it, they can get a divorce or talk and mediate with a marriage counselor or a professional to save their marriage.

    Honestly, when a spouse is cheating there must be something wrong with the marriage. Either a relationship problem or something else.

    • She cheated on him while still being his wife so she'll face the consequences on the day of qiyama and she has her zunub. If she felt she couldn't continue with the marriage. She would have talk to the sheik to put an end to it not cheat on him. There was once a lady who came to the prophet and told him her husband is one of the best men he is a good man but yet she fears that being with him will make her go against Allah. She didn't go ahead and cheat on him. PS the person who posted this sound like someone who doesn't have enough imaan and someone so naive about Islam how can you post a picture saying injustice and blaming for not naming in the Quran. Allah is the hero and the knower he knows best and anyhow he judges things doesn't give you a right to call it injustice

      • Salam Blackeena,

        I don't think the original poster posts the picture. You'll notice the same picture is repeated through multiple questions so I think this website is posting a picture according to what the question is asking.

  2. Just dont forgive her. If one hasnt forgiven, it will remain unforgiven on the day of judgement. Bcoz it involves the affairs of two persons.

  3. What Is the question? Did the "Wife cheat on the husband"? If so, than theirs a "Torment+Punishment".

    Now If the "Wife actually didn't cheat on the husband", but "has a new love In her life (Cheating from the heart), yet hasn't actually acted upon the act (Desires to be with this other man), and has "planned to divorce her current (husband) to be with the (new man) and make him her (new husband)". What's the penalty (Of the 2nd case), is that your question? If so, than let me ask you, why would you still "be with a person, that Is speaking to another man, behind your back, and planning to leave you for that person"? Why? Lets assume you, (Love your wife), well (Sorry to say), but she (Doesn't Love you), that's the honest to goodness truth (Nothing you say/can and will change that fact), so let her go (As living with a person that has no Intention of being with you, Is Insulting to you as a (Man), Is It not?

    Now If "You're actually thinking that this person should be "Punished/Killed/Stoned/Beheaded" for wanting to divorce you, than I ask you (Why)? Who are you, to make that judgement? Who are you to think that you have the "Right" to end another human beings life, all because that person, doesn't wish to "Be your wife anymore"? Are you that "Jealous or Malice to the point that you (Would actually believe that If this person doesn't wish to be with me than she doesn't have the right to be happy I.E live)? Seriously? Are you honestly asking this question (If I understand correctly)? Why do you think "ALLAH (SWT)", allows "Divorce"? Did "Our Rabb/Allah (SWT), state that 2 people that are married can't get a divorce" (If HE/Allah SWT) stated as much (You can't argue), but "HE/Allah (SWT), allows divorce (HE doesn't like It), but (HE/Allah SWT), allows It.

    At the end of the day, It sucks, "Getting divorced (Cheated on from the heart)" It hurts "Your ego/pride/self esteem" (I can relate), but for you to be thinking of ways to "Make sure that your wife/ex-wife will never be happy and/or planning her demise Is even worse".

    • Nauto
      You post seems to say cheating is such a pious n noble act and she should be rewarded and this guy who is not cheating should be hanged for asking questions .

      • Maybe, you misread my post? In no way did I state "Cheating Is halal and/or pious" as the 2nd case Isn't even "Cheating", The person doesn't "love the poster anymore", and that's an "executable offense"? What gives you/me/him/or anyone the right to "force another human being to either stay with me/you or anyone by force under the threat of death", where's the love/respect and honesty that marriage life was built upon?

        As for the poster, I'm just questioning the "rationality of someone that would wish to end the life of another, that actually committed no offense In the first place (merely based on the fact that she doesn't wish to be with this person).

        • Even non intercourse but talk level cheat too is cheat .You post again seems to encourage cheating .
          He has asked simple question the way islam prescribes harsh punishment for intercourse level adultery so why not at talk level .

          AS per Imam Maliki school of thought if a person starts affair with married woman and turn her against her husband so that he can marry her then such marriage is invalid n they can't marry .Please Google and get more information about Imam Maliki view .

          EVEN IF there is cheat at talk level then too it is sinfull and haraam .If some body don't bother about sins and life after death then life is open to them to cheat or sleep with anybody .

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