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Why are so many Shias getting killed; does Islam allow such killings?

Assalam O Alaikum,

I am really overwhelmed with dozens of Shia Muslims been killed each year. I do not understand who is behind all these and why they are targeting Shias but whoever they are they must be so heartless and kufr. Running around killing innocents who have NO fault. Do they realise how much pain and destruction they are causing to their families and beloved ones? Do they know that Shias are Muslims too? Thier only fault is that they are Shias, they differ from Sunni Muslims but that does not mean they should be targeted to get killed becuase of  being Shia and the followers of 12 Imam. Shias have never gone against Sunni Muslims this bad. So, why are these people (whoever they are and from whatever religion) are targeting Shias for practicing their religion however they belief is right?

My question is that what are the views on this from an Islamic perspective? Do Islam allow killing innocents? or people of different religion? I mean a lot of Muslims now days live in non-Muslim countries and so does that mean we go on and kill their people? Why do these people feel happy and think that they will earn paradise after they kill Shias and innocent? This is not fair, this is completely insane, uneducated and being ignorant towards Shias.

Please brothers and sisters, I do not want comments who goes on about criticising Shias or Sunnis, but I want honest responses regarding Shia Killing and so relaible explainations from Islam's perceptions on this important topic.


I appriciate the time and effort you put in to leave a comment.

Thank you all.

Yeh Alive.

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  1. Salaamu alaikum warahmatullah..... In islam, even the killing of non muslims (with no geniune or legal reason) is flatly prohibited, not to talk of those that beleive in LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH. . . . . . . . . . . . Allah says in the quran '''... IF ANYONE KILLED A PERSON (beleiver or non beleiver) NOT IN RETALIATION OF MURDER, OR TO SPREAD MISCHIEF IN THE LAND-- IT WOULD BE AS IF HE KILLED ALL MANKIND, AND IF ANYONE SAVED A LIFE, IT WOULD BE AS IF HE SAVED THE LIFE OF ALL MANKIND. ..''' quran 5:32. ., brother, to say something simpler, if for instance someone mistakingly (not intentionally) kill someone (eg by road accident etc), he has to 'FAST' for 60 days for elimating that soul and thereafter ask ALLAH'S forgiveness. Not only that, he has to pay diyya (some amount of money) to the familly of death person (except if the family forgive him).. This is the processes that a person would follow if he killed someone mistakingly (unintentionally), so now what do you think would be the punishment of a morderer who intentionally killed someone?? The punishment is death penalty.... Killing someone is a grave sin in islam, so those people killing those shias with no geniune reason are commiting grave sin and according to the sharia, they should be sentenced to death for killing innocent people..... . . . . . . . According to one hadith of the prophet, the prophet said who soever believes in d kalimatish ashahada (islamic testimony of faith), no one has the right to call him a kafir (unbeleiver)., and there is another hadith that the prophet said something to this effect ' the word kafir does'nt fall down. if you call someone a kafir, is either he is truely the kafir, or you the caller will be d kafir'. That is why we have to be careful of what we say.... ALLAH said in d koran '''VERILY, THOSE WHO DIVIDE THEIR RELIGION AND BREAK UP INTO SECTS, YOU (o muhammad SAW) HAVE NO CONCERN IN THEM IN THE LEAST. THEIR AFFAIR IS ONLY WITH ALLAH, WHO THEN WILL TELL THEM WHAT THEY USED TO DO (on judgement day). quran 6:159..., even d prophet have no concern about them in the least, then how there we (his followers)... ''' AND VERILLY, THIS YOUR RELIGION (of islam) IS ONE RELIGION, AND I AM YOUR LORD, SO FEAR ME (ie keep ur duty to me). '''BUT THEY (men) HAVE BROKEN THIER RELIGION AMONG THEM INTO SECTS, EACH GROUP REJOICING IN WHAT IS WITH IT (as it beliefs). '''SO LEAVE THEM IN THEIR ERROR FOR A TIME''' quran23:52-54.... The prophet (SAW) didnt classify him self as a shia nor was he a shafii or salafi or sunni or sufii... He was a muslim {HE (Allah-God) HAS NO PARTNER. AND OF THIS I (muhammad) HAVE BEEN COMMANDED, AND I (muhammad) AM THE FIRST OF THE MUSLIMS (among his generation or nation). quran6:163"}..... the best thing we have to do is that we should take him (SAW)as our role model... . . It is very easy brothers and sisters, beleiver in Allah and his massangers (including muhammad pbuh), do what Allah has ordained for you, leave what Allah has forbiden, follow the koran and the sunnah of the prophet, and jannah (paradise- heaven) is for you.. U dont have to be a shia or a sunni or any sect before you can get to jannah. To be a muslim is sufficient for you... May Allah help us

  2. Murder is an abominable crime in Islam. It is one of the great sins. This includes murder of anyone, of any religion.

    The killing of Shiahs in terrorist acts, etc, is a terrible fitnah and a monstrous crime. Islam can never permit such a thing. Those who have fooled themselves into thinking that they are performing jihad by killing Shiahs are badly deceived by Shaytan. They themselves are the Shayateen, though they do not see it.

    Such people are destroying their countries, dividing the people, and murdering innocents. There is no excuse for it. When I read about such things - for example someone who detonates a bomb in a Shiah masjid at Jumuah - I honestly cannot even comprehend how a Muslim can do such a thing. Are these people uneducated, ignorant, manipulated, or are they evil? Or insane, as you said...

    I am also sure that foreign agents are not involved. If you look at a country like Pakistan, for example, it is the only Muslim nuclear nation, and as such presents a great threat to nations like India or Israel. I would not be surprised if agents from those countries are working very hard to keep Pakistan in chaos and division.

    Wael Editor

  3. It cannot be muslims that detonate the bomb in the shia masjid., most surely it should be the kuffars that would do that or some shayatins (devil) among men doing such evil and hiding under islam as the media or magazine portrays it .

    • Sorry mohd brother, but who are the creaters and leaders of Siphah Sahaba in Pakistan And Jindillah in Iran? absolutely they are sunnis. stop blaming kafirs without any evidence. both are involved in shia killing.

  4. All muslim has to obey what Allah says and for that they have learn and study quaran, I don't know who they are that kills Shia Muslims but whoever they are they don't know who Allah (j) is, I want to tell them , God is great and powerfull, he does not need you to support him for destroying kafirs if you believe they are kafir,he can destroy the whole world in seconds, he has created you to worship God and find the right path for akhira, and also call non believers in right path , he has not created you that come on brother help me kill Shias and I will give Janna for destroying my creatures, he has not created you to suicide yourself by blasting bomb on yourself and kill people. think logic brothers and sisters, these thing gives a very bad name for Islam.


  5. Its all very sad:(, where my family is from its Sunni killing Sunni, If you tune in to any news station majority of Muslims dying in the world are Sunni that being said it makes me sick when i here a Shia mosque being attacked in Pakistan or Iraq or Bahrain, All so pointless, Subhan'Allah,

  6. Assalamualaikum.

    It is certainly sad to see Sunnis killing Shias and vice versa.
    I suggest we must go to the root of the problem, on why they
    kill each other.
    Can anyone here suggest the root cause of this problem?
    Is this cause takfir?
    Is this cause murtad?
    Is this cause a Jewish Zionist Conspiracy by Mossad?
    Is this cause a Christian Crusader Conspiracy by Vatican?

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