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Wife and mother issue..

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I need your advise, I am depressed regarding my marriage, I have 2 kids and married for 5 years.  I am with my wife and my kids in a separate house, the problem is my wife and my mom don't get along pretty well which keeps me anxious about this situation, I wish I could reunite their feelings, My wife hated my mother for some reason, my mom as well don't like her for some reason. What my wife see is my mother is being unfair to her and my children, the situation is involving my sisters in law. My wife feels that my mother likes only my brothers wife, then my wife and my other brother's wife feels the same way about this, they communicated most of the time to exchange opinion about my mother, and my sister in law which is the subject. As these activities keeps going, my wife hates me so much when it comes to my Mom, and I keep trying to reunite them but there's no way as my wife holds a grudge to my mom and I sometime brings me not see my parents just to avoid qaureling  with my wife. It sometime feel being caught in the middle.


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  1. as salaamu alaykum Akhiy

    Phew! I Know your problem, as I've been through a similar situation. I would first have a heart to heart talk with your Mother and explain to her your painful situation. Mothers tend to be more compassionate twds their sons than wives, so ask her take Pity on you and do whatever she Can to lighten your burden, and Normalise the situation. Also do Dua' to Allaah swt, the Merciful, and Implore Him to put mercy, and compassion, into the hearts of your mother, and your wife, both. aamiyn!

  2. May Allaah swt relieve you of your burden Akhiy!

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