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Is a wife given paradise if she dies before her husband?

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Dear brother and sisters, I have one question. Yesterday I was talking with my mother in law, and I asked her, "what does a wife need to do to make her husband happy?" She said,  "lots of things and good stuffs". At last she said, "if you fulfill your duties to your husband, and if you die before your husband, and if your husband is pleased with you, then Allah will grant you for heaven(only Allah knows who will go where)" I listened to her and I didn't ask her any further questions on this thought  as she might feel I am not listening to her and not giving her words importance. But still I have this question and want to know clearly and understand in proper way.

My questions are:
1) Is it true? Does it say this anywhere?
2) If it's true then what if the husband dies before the wife?

I don't know whether my question is silly or not, it's just I want to know and learn the right thing. People say different things in different ways, that's why I want to know.


(Editor's Note: Because of the high number of questions we receive, we now have a limit of 4 posts from any one person per year. So this is the last post that we can accept from you in this calendar year of 2012).

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  1. nrh, Walaykumsalaam,

    To answer your questions:

    1. Your mother in law must have been trying to quote the following hadith to you, but misquoted it and may be did not explain it very well. It is an authentic hadith, where by Umm Salma (radhiallaho anha) reported Allah's Messenger (sws) as saying, "Any woman who dies when her husband is pleased with her will enter Paradise." [Tirmidhi]

    2. And if the husband dies before the wife, then what? That is the Will of Allah. The hadith does not state that this is a wife's only route to Jannah.

    NB: It is important to understand that should the husband be displeased with his wife without any fault of hers, she will of course be innocent in Allah's sight and the responsibility for annoyance shall rest with the husband.


    It is also very important that we refrain from misquoting the words of Allah and His Rasool(sws). And we should use our common sense to research and distinguish between false and true hadith and to then also understand them in their proper context.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Asalamualaikum,

    @editors, thank you for your helpful replies to all my posts. Fair enough about 4 question. Hope my 2012 will go safe and easy by reading replies and study about other people problem and answered. I appreciate that Editors and other people helped me with useful answers. I will still continue with this wonderful sites.

    May Allah bless you all.


  3. @ bro wael. . Humbly, I dont understand this is her last question for the year... What if within the span of the 7 month she happens fall into delima and have a serious question to ask??? Some of the questioners here dont have where to turn to, and so they ask there questions here.. Do you suggest giving these vulnerable people only 4 chances a year would be a good idear?? Some of the questioners/commenters here are reverts and they enjoy asking questions on what is unclear to them. Are you saying they only have 4 chances of asking question in a whole year??? I honestly think increasing the chances (or not restricting at all) would be the best thing to do. Anybody that post his/her question should have his/her answers in turn.

    • Mohd, I understand your concerns. And I would agree with you if we had a large staff of 10 or 15 people, and the ability to answer all questions in a timely manner. However, we do not. We have a small staff, and we cannot keep up with the questions as it is. At one point last year there was a wait of 3 or 4 months to get a question answered! Now we've got it down to a few weeks Alhamdulillah, but we can never quite keep up.

      In placing a limit, I am considering these factors:

      1. Some people send us many minor questions of fiqh - unrelated to marriage and family issues - that could easily be learned through a google search or by consulting an Islamic text. Answering these points of fiqh is not part of our mission.

      2. Some people ask us essentially the same question again and again. We advise them, their posts get dozens of comments, but they seem not to hear what anyone is saying. They are trapped in their own grief or fixated on some emotion or idea, and nothing seems to penetrate. It's not a good use of our resources - or our readers time - to answer the same question again and again.

      Wael Editor

  4. Assalamu Alaikum
    I have been a very well known Christian Biblical scholar. 6 years ago I REVERTED to ISLAM and am a devoted believer, as the Qur'an puts it, among the "Purified ONES" I have also studied the Qur'an very carefully.
    Concerning wives of Believing devoted Muslims, here is what the Qur'an teaches. 1) IF a Muslim has a wife who is an "unbeliever"...atheist, agnostic or of any polytheist beliefs, IF she DIES before him, she goes to Paradise.
    The FAITH of the believing Husband guarantees his beloved wife ENTERS directly into Paradise.

    P.S. By the way, she KNOWS she is in Paradise and is WAITING to be REUNITED with her husband IN PARADISE for Eternity,
    worshipping The Lord of The Worlds.

    • Victor Garrod ,

      Congratulation for turning to Islam as Allah has guided you to straight path .

      Bro ,
      One point as you seems to be confused here .

      A muslim man can't marry "unbeliever"...atheist, agnostic or of any polytheist beliefs women as this marriage will be invalid .
      But is allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women(no practicing Shirk) with their books .But current days of Christians and Jews i am not sure are the same exactly as they were during that time so this area too looks grey .Trinity concept itself seems to be an act of shirk so i fear this marriage too might not be valid .

  5. Cool
    We were married for 25 years as unbelievers, I was a christian, wife said she was an atheist.
    I reverted 7 years ago. I have read somewhere that the wife of a believing Muslim will be granted Paradise when she dies. She goes to Paradise because her husband is a servant of Allah (swt)

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