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Will Allah be happy with us for our sacrifice?


Taken by SisterZ during Hajj 2006/7

Asalamu alaikum,

I like to know that, whether Allah will be happy for our sacrifice. I love a girl and she loves me too. WE prayed to Allah more then a year and also did lots of umrah and also prayed in the place of Dua in Kaaba. She said her wish to her parent and said she asked Allah only for him and Allah knows her heart. But father does not accept it because of status and society.

She sacrificed her love for her parents and said wont hurt her dad because Allah wont be happy. This world is not permanent Allah reserved for us in Jannah. She said will pray for you till the end in a halal way. Allah will give you in janna for what we prayed. Allah did for a reason to reserve me for you in jannah and also she said this world is just worship Allah and do our duty.

I believe her alot and her words are true. And also she made me correct in all the way when I do wrong. I know I should not have right to ask Allah, but Allah knows my heart and I'm in terrible pain.

1. Allah will be very happy for us right?

2. Allah will make our wish true in next world?

3. He gave the pain to heart so that we can forgive our sin easily and can make us enter jannah and live the life what we desired?

4. I accept everything even we have pain which Allah knows and he knows best of our heart. Will Allah keep the same feelings when we rises again as we prayed? (Sorry for anything wrong. I believe Allah knows our heart and also he did for testing us to give lifetime pain and also to secure best life in janna)


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  1. Brother Mohamed,

    I hope I understood your post properly. Below is my advise to you:

    Allah (swt) knows best but If you and the Muslim sister can't convince parents for marriage approval and if she does not want to go against their wishes then you both should forget about each other and inshaAllah marry someone else. Don't limit your life on love of a human being. Allah (swt) expects His slaves to grow the Muslim ummah and by you two not marrying with another muslimahs then bear in mind you are preventing the Muslim ummah to grow and esply if you are practising Muslims then there is more reasons for to consider marriage as you may iA raise pious children for the Muslim ummah. please let go and move on with your journey in this life.

    May Allah (swt) guide us to His path at all times- ameen.

    Your sister,

    • Thanks for your response. Life will go on it wont stop. But Allah knows our wish and our prayer. He promised if you don't get here you will get there. We believe Allah and also we believe this world is full of dust and not permanent. We still thank Allah our reserving her for me permanently in permanent world. We trust only him, our prayer wont go waste. But pain remains, time can heal it but not make you forget our wish of life, We never asked anything for us except this life but allah reserved us permanently, We believe Allah will finish our duty and stand before him. He wil join us, he knows our heart.

      Our prayer wont go waste forever. We living for jannah. Hope Allah happy with us more so giving pain to make your path easy to jannah. I believe this not over yet, Allah knows the best and knows our heart and its pain. Please pray for us and our only wished we asked for us.


  2. Asalamu alaikum brother, i struggled to understand your post but hope i got it right, but you got to go back for that girl, i will explain why.

    She said her wish to her parent and said she asked Allah only for him and Allah knows her heart. But father does not accept it because of status and society.

    Her father is a hypocrite and cannot refuse you islamically, its culture over religion, first of all the father has a say in the daughters marriage however if he refuses a valid man(someone who fulfils the islamic criteria and can provide for his daughter) then she can still marry you regardless and it will be accepted, this is because his reasons for refusing the marriage are not valid, infact his reasons are due to something shaytan created, which is status and society.

    She sacrificed her love for you for her father, but from what i said above he dosent deserve it, he is holding his daughter back from marrying a man who she wants, for reasons that are not valid and moreso are haraam since they are all shaytans reasons, and she is planning to abstain from marriage until she leaves this earth, but marriage is half your deen, and you cannot let her fathers wordly opinions and definitions prevent you from marrying her.

    Allah tests us all, but one must fight for something that is right, after all you went to umrah and prayed, this shows your love for Allah masha'Allah and your commitment to make everything halal, yet her fathers petty excuse is preventing the ummah of prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) growing and you not marrying because of this, her father is in wrong and you should make this clear.

    I am not one for breaking families, but a man who prides on the shaytans customs and society, well his daughter would be better of with you, a man who loves her for the right reasons and shares no love for shaytan and his ideals, brother fight for this girl because it is halal and you can do so, her father has no right to refuse you, clearly his grounds make him the wrong one.
    Take a imam with you to the girls house, present your proposal once more and ask his grounds for rejecting, when he voices the status and society, the imam will put him in his place and he will be left no choice but to accept, dont let this good thing go, keep praying for guidance and keep asking Allah to help you, for you will insha'Allah be succesful.

    The girls has a good influence on you, you say she corrected you when you were in the wrong, her respect and love for Allah is apparent, and likewise you brother, so that makes it a perfect marriage, one which will blossom and be succesful since it involves Allah from the off, dont let the petal fly away when you can hold on and embrace its beauty and scent.

    Best of luck, i hope you take my advice and bear no more pain upon yourself, her fathers stance is wrong, and he has clearly ignored islam in that respect, its so common for culture and islam to be mixed and distorted, fight for what is right, and fight for that which will make you happy for the rest of your life insha'Allah.
    If you need anymore advice on how to approach or other issue please ask, but i urge you not to give up when something is halal and when you can have the relationship on both the dunya and the akhira insha'Allah.
    Keep us posted on what happens.

    • Its all over by now.. Her dad is pious man but played very cunningly. I cant say anything more about him, its haram to speak about another one, Allah knows the best. She don't want to hurt her dad for her and also don't want to spoil his name. She knows what all her dad did to her. But she living for her mom and siblings life and also don't want to spoil their life for her. Thanks for your response. She got promise from me not to speak with my father and let you down for any reason. You should not give up or let you down for anything. She believe Allah always and trust only him. For our prayers Allah will do something at least in jannah, it never go waste. We believe Allah always and forever, she will finish her duty in halal way and will go back where she come from. Allah knows our heart, he will do what we wished.

      She finally said, "Believe in Allah this life in this world is nothing and not permanent. Do your duty and Allah fulfill our need in jannah which is permanent and he is all mighty will give what we prayed in jannah. Thank Allah that he reserved u for me in the permanent world. It will more worse if we get separated in Jannah. Allah test us with worse pain to check us. Think only of Allah and also this world is not for to enjoy and get what we liked most. But Trust Allah we will rise again and live with the blessing of Allah with the life we wished".

      Please pray for us. I believe Allah as this world is not permanent but allah knows best about heart and its desire and pain. We will rejoin again forever in jannah which is permanent Ameen. Still i believe Allah to-do some miracle for me to give her to me in this fake world too. I dont want to speak more. Just ask allah for my peace and for my wish. As time goes, healing will be done but not the hurt and scarf. Allah knows the best. I always pray for my life in jannath with her and do my duty and my responsibility here.

      World is not permanent, we live for allah. He will make us to join forever. Please pray for us. Nothing more to say. Our wish need lifetime.

      • same is my situation ...i hav alsoscrificed my luv for my family...though m in great pain....cant sleeeeep in comfort evn for single keep prayng and ask allah to gv m my luv in i hav one doubht....if i marry sume1for my parents will i get my true luv in jannat...

    • Assalamu Alaikum,

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I would like to present my case before you.

    • Anas, please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

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