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Will Allah ever forgive me?

Aslaamwalkum ,I'm 15 years old and I lost my virginity to my boyfriend who wasn't not Muslim . We did it more than once the 1st time I regret doing I was only doing it to please him, he broke up with me recently. And I've regret my life I thought about killing myself because he said that we would get married and he would convert . He lied to me and he left , we used protection as  well. Will Allah ever forgive me I cried to him  2 nights ago asking for forgiveness.


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  1. Sister ,

    Make Repentance from Allah swt. He is the most merciful and forgiving to his creation.
    No matter what , Don't ever despair from the mercy of Allah swt.

    Your words indicates that you are in a remorse situation that what's taubah is .

    Having deep regret and remorse of what you did in your past. and you know what if a believer do sincere taubah from Allah then he or she is like that he or she never done that sin in the past.

    do tasbeeh of Astaghfirullah 100 times after every prayer.

    believe me do this Allah swt will forgive you.

    and the last thing Repentance comes with some conditions

    1 having remorse and deep regret of what some one did.

    2 having compete affirmation in heart that one will not do that sin in the future. and that fear of not doing it is because of Allah.

  2. Dear sister first of all don't expose your sin in public and indeed Allah love to forgive as long as your eyes are open mean you are alive his door is always open Allah love you and all you should do stay away from haram things whatever is done is done never get trap by shytan again just ask Allah for forgiveness and you don,t need people advice that will Allah forgive you or not so please don,t expose your sin in public and ask Allah for forgiveness do salah daily and try to read quran even one page with translation useually these kind of mistake muslim done because they are far away from islamic teaching may Allahbless you

  3. salaam sister

    First you need to realise the Enormity of your sin. I'm not judging you, but Zina is a Grievous sin that offends Allaah (swt) Greatly. It offends Him so much, in fact, that He has set a punishment of 100 lashes for it! In Public! Think about it! Yes I know I know; you probably live in a Western country where this happens every day, to girls who're Not Muslim and therefore don't think twice about it. But these unfortunate girls (And Boys too) are likely to go to Hell eventually, if God doesn't take pity on them. As they see no Wrong, in what they do, they likely won't repent and pray for His forgiveness however so....

    You on the other hand are Blessed to have been born a Muslim, but you've Betrayed our God and yourself by Disregarding His limits. Still, being Unimaginably Merciful He will forgive you, though it may take a Long time, provided you feel Deeply Ashamed of what you did and repent to Him again and Again. Living in the West you won't get flogged obviously, but Allaah (swt) may Punish you in some Other way before His Mercy overtakes His anger and He forgives you. If He does punish you, bear it, with Patience and Gratitude, as punishment executed in this world is actually a Mercy from Him as it means you probably will not be punished in the next life.

    • Simple- ask for forgivness. idiot, I dont know why u badmouth the West. In some Muslim majority countries, some Muslims do rape and get away with it, so this is forgivable!

      • as salaamu alaykum Khalfan

        Are you in the habit of calling your Muslim brothers and sisters "Idiot"? If so that's a Nasty habit, for which you need to ask Allaah's (swt) forgiveness, as He has forbidden it. I was certainly Not badmouthing the West, but simply stating a Fact; Non Muslims in the West Do have Illicit sex all the time, and don't even hide it. Am I wrong?
        Yes Muslims do Horrendous things in these End times; may Allaah (swt) forgive them. The point I was trying to make is that Zina is a Grave Sin that requires Sincere Tauba, and must not be taken Lightly, even if God in His Great Mercy forgives it. If that makes me an idiot then I pray there are many more "idiots" among the Ummah.

  4. Simple- ask for forgivness. Some Muslims do rape and get away with it, so this is forgivable!

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