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Assalam o Alaikum. A while back I was indulged in a relationship with this guy I met over the Internet. We started as friends and got to know each other pretty well and some time later we were in a relationship. I shared my pictures and skype'd with him a couple of times and later when I finally got the brains to end this thing, my friend who is also friends with the guy I was in a relationship with tells me that he has my pictures and Skype calls saved.

Since the day onwards I have cried myself to sleep, not a single day has gone without me having panic attacks. I pray to Allah everyday, I cry and weep sitting hours in front of him and yet I don't find sabr in my heart. More than the fact that the man might actually tell my friends and family and expose me, I'm scared that what if my lord doesn't forgive me? What if he is so angry with me that he decides to never forgive me. I know Allah is the greatest. He is the listener and the giver and the most gracious and I believe he will forgive me Inshallah Allah but for some reason I don't find patience and relief in my heart and soul.


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  1. As Salam O Alaikum

    Sister , you said you at initial stage was friends with that boy later which changed into an Relationship

    Foremost thing. ALLAH (swt) is most MERCIFUL. You realized your mistake and you have done TOUBA. Just make sure you dont repeat the mistake again not even in your dreams.

    Now about your panic attacks and about the pictures you shared with him. Have you shared any Indecent pictures which is causing you worry now ? Why think about something bad which has not even happened ? If you havent shared any indecent pictures then leave it , its bygone. Ask forgivness from ALLAH for the misdeed.

    But if you have shared any Indecent pictures with him i tell you dont always think negatively. Mistake happened we are humans and not Angels. He hasnt done anything so far right ? And GOD forbid if he does so you can sue him upfront since you will have all the evidence as you know which all pictures you have SHARED with just HIM. If you have had an mutual understanding and a Mutual Break up such things which you are thinking might happen only a COWARD and a MUNAFIQ can do.

    Sorry to come to a major point now at end. But honestly dont TRUST what your MUTUAL friend is telling you about that boy having your stuff saved with him. TRUST but VERIFY.. And trust only what you see yourself or hear yourself. Reason - some people have a problem of Exaggerating things unecessarily. So please calm down and take it at ease and ward off the evil negative thoughts and be dedicated to DEEN and be very strict in that. And once again if the same MUTUAL friend says this same thing to you just show him / her off as if you DONT CARE. Because the more importance and panicky you will be the more fun you will be made of. Be bold and brave and face the time.

    I wish you all the best. And may ALLAH (SWT) BLESS YOU ALWAYS. AMEEN. SUM AMEEN

    Regards and Best Wishes


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