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Will his curse affect me?

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Assalamualikum I am 25 year female married. I committed sin in helping a man. I am repenting. I ask forgiveness in front of Allah. I don't want to keep relation with that man fearing Allah's punishment but that man is cursing me. I left haram relation due to fear of Allah, so does the curse affect me? And he put promise if I leave him he won't touch his wife, but due to Allah's fear I left him. What I did is right or wrong ?? Please advise me.


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  1. Wa 'alaikum as-salaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh Sister,

    I commend you on ending the haram relation with that man and repenting sincerely. InshaAllah, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is pleased with you for doing the right thing. So please keep it up!

    As for the man cursing you, please remember that no one has the authority to curse anyone except Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala alone, and that no curse can affect anyone except by His permission. As you have repented sincerely, rest assured that, inshaAllah, you are under the care and protection of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, therefore you need not to fear nor grieve. Just focus on increasing your level of taqwa through constant dhikr and charitable deeds--and inshaAllah that should feed your soul and be your safeguard.

    I'd also advise you to cut all contacts with that man, lest he manipulates you and make you fall into sin again. He might try to make you feel guilty, but please rest assured that you really did nothing wrong by leaving him. In fact, you certainly did the right thing.

    Whatever he decides to do with his own life or with his own wife, that is his own problem, not yours.

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala help and protect you and us all. Ameen!

    Hope this helps inshaAllah, and Allah Ta'ala knows best.

  2. sister Zeb ,
    You did good thing by breaking all contacts with him as he is non mehrem .As per Islam you can't keep in touch with him .

    If he is inviting you to be in touch means he is inviting you for haraam and you did right by not contacting him for the fear of Allah .His curse and all are non sense and are false things ..Totally non sense as he says curse for not doing any haraam things .. Never talk to him again ...

  3. Walykum salam sister,

    may allah tala accept your repentance and give you strength to abstain from haram, Ameen

    Punishment for zinah ( having sexual relations out of wed lock) in Islam is stoning to death. Imagine this man is calling you to getting stoned to death. what would you prefer?

    Imagine if some one asks you to kill certain person and curses you if you dont obey him ?Will his curse be accepted?

    No, because it is a curse on wrong intentions.

    If your husband asks for sex and you deny and he curses you, then the curse may be accepted by allah because you are legally wife of your husband and he has a right to have sex like you have right to have sex with him.
    By having an extra marital affair you are cheating your husband, imagine how will he react if he comes to know about it.

    And his promise of not touching his wife is a joke. He is married to his wife and he is responsible for her and not you. Any promise that calls for doing haram or wrong is not a promise at all.

    By accepting him you are sinning and disobeying allah and cheating you husband, just stay away from this evil man. if he still forces himself up on you then just file a complaint.

    and allah knows best

  4. As salam walekum,
    Can a curse be changed by a dua?
    Actually its been a long time in my family when somebody cursed the ladies of my family saying that all the ladies of this family shall never have children and since then all the ladies of my family dont have kids and now its my turn to have kids.
    This month me and my husband tried for a child but we failed. Im scared it may be because of that curse on all the ladies of my family. So i just want to know can my dua be accepted if i pray to have righteous children and this curse be changed by praying to allah?
    But it is said in quran that curses on family doesn't exist.

    Please answer my question.

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