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Will I become a virgin again?

Abortion recovery

Abortion Recovery

Will Allah forgive and will i become a virgin again if i did not have sex for a year or 2 before getting married?
I didn't actually had a penetration but he ejaculated on my virgina that lead to pregnancy.I was scared and my parents would have disowned me if they find out,so i went for a medical abortion.Now am worried if my hymen will still be intact after that abortion process.please help i am so confussed and i feel broken inside.



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  1. I'm really concerned about your maturity while being sexually active, aside from the fact that its not what Allah swt wants from us. I'm sorry but its highly unlikely that you can get pregnant without penetration as the semen dies quickly when in contact with air. not to mention the difficulty sperm already has in reaching the egg when it is released close to the cervix. I'm not shunning you, we all make mistakes but if you want real advice then be honest and own up to your actions.

    I'm not sure what type of abortion you had but I doubt that your hymen will be intact. A hymen doesn't mean your a virgin. Women have surgeries to recreate their hymen.. Women have other forms of sexual encounters.. But regardless which part of your body touched the privates of a man means your no longer a virgin. We have to remember that Allah swt can see all and if we fear him we would be more concerned with how he views us than other people..

  2. Aslamualaikum sis,

    first of all you must have to do tobah, pray all 5 times and spent most of your time in ibadat. You can not become virgin again. And aminah is right its not hymen which decide your virganity.

    We all do.mistakes do tobah and pray him and trust on ALLAH...
    may ALLAH bless you..

  3. Salam Sister
    Remeber that ALLAH almighty loves you 70 times more than your monther . And the doors of forgiveness are always open.
    ALLAH almighty says that if you commit a same sin numerous times in one single i will still forgive you if you Ask for forgiveness .

    Ibn Katheer said:

    The words “and do not persist in what (wrong) they have done” mean: they repent from their sins and quickly turn to Allah, and they do not persist in their sin, rather they give it up, and if they do it again they repent to Him. Tafseer Ibn Katheer.

    So dont need to get dippressed , just focus on your life and try to live a healthy in future also. I hope after reading this you will feel better . May ALLAH accept forgiveness of all of us.

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    Sister, to be honest your hymen shouldn't be at the top of your list of priorities right now. Premarital relationships and sexual activity are not permitted in Islam, and abortion is not permitted except in extreme situations - you need to make changes in your life so that you aren't in any premarital relationships and you need to make sincere tawbah for what has happened.

    Virginity doesn't reappear by abstaining from sex for a period of time. If you've had sex, that's it, you're not a virgin. But virginity doesn't define whether a person is good or not, or whether they can get married. Make sincere tawbah, recover from what you have gone through (an abortion is a significant ordeal, both mentally and physically) and look to the future.

    It can be hard to make changes, but know that Allah is Most Merciful and has promised to forgive us if we repent with sincere hearts. His guidance points the way for us to live our lives, so trust in this. It might help you to attend a sisters-only study group or prayer group, to learn more about our faith and how to live a life in accordance with its values.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • I lost my virginity ,my servant fingered me when i was like 7 years i didn't have any information about sex or virginity he used to blackmail me .My parents don't know about it.Now they habe fixed my marriage and i am delaying it i am worried about how my husband would react knowing that i am not virgin.I also can't have hymen recovery coz i am afraid of doing these acts.what should i do? is it possible that my marriage don't get broken.Is it possible to hide non virginity

  5. plz muje batain mene....

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