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Will I ever get him?

I saw this guy 3 years back on social media who I got attracted too, I thought it was just an attraction and it would get over by time. But it did not get over and 3 years passed I feel that its just not an attraction towards this guy I really wanna get married to this boy I like but he does not know I exist and P.S we both live in different countries but we both have the same motherland I pray to Allah that he's the only guy I want to marry, will I ever get him?


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  1. Assalaamualaykum alizayy,

    You could always pray, make dua, and see where Allah leads you. Get your parents involved if you become desperate and don't know how best to proceed.

    If things don't go the way you feel you want them to, remember that three years is not always enough time to recover from such feelings. You may just need more quality time away from his site, staying away from his social media page altogether and occupying your mind with other things. It will be hard at first but will get easier with each passing day. Given some distance and more time, you may not be interested in him anymore. Remember that the image that people present of themselves on social media isn't always the complete picture of who they are as a person.



  2. Assalamu alkaikum,

    I am sorry but this is not reality.

    1) The guy doesn't know you exist
    2) You live in different countries
    3) You 'saw him on social media'? In what way? By viewing a picture that may not be an actual representation of that person?

    You need to find something meaningful to occupy your time with. Refrain from social media as it serves more harm than good.

  3. Asalam alekum

    Raheela....God bless you sis/brother but this is not the best advice you giving to this sister.

    MashaAllah this is what's called pure love... if you know that the boy is actually him and not just a picture of someone else to fool others . I advice You should get your brother or parents involved, if the boy is not interested, then sister forget about him, Choose a spouse that can lead you to jannah and pick you in jannah inshaAllah. And before telling your parents pray istikhara to guide you.

    Wa salam Alekum

  4. Salaam, where did you see this guy on social media exactly, Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? If he is still active on any of those sites, then try to message him and see if he responds. Tell him honestly you like him and want to marry him after a while of conversing. Since your intentions are pure and you purely seeking this man for marriage, then it is not haram. If all things go well, then get your and his parents involved and meet to discuss further.

    Sorry i know this is an old post and you probably won't even be seeing this, but your question was intriguing to me because internet crushes is something i have gone through as well. You might never know, he might be in your qismat.

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