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Will my future husband forgive me for breaking my hymen?

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I'm a muslim girl who is in my early twenties now I have a question which I'm quite embarrassed to ask about, but I just don't dare to ask anyone around me, neither my friends nor my family. So I hope I'll get the answer here.

I did masturbation with my finger and I think I broke my hymen. I masturbated in the night. In the morning before Fajr, I went to the toilet and I found me bleeding a little. (I'm sorry for being too vulgar but I just want you to properly understand my case so you can help me out). I was extremely regretful for what I did. I've never been in relationship. I'm not even close to guys. Everyone looks at me like an innocent girl, and they would never think about me committing this horrible act.

Now my question is, when one day I get married, what if my husband finds out that I don't bleed on the first night? What if he thinks I'm not a virgin? Should I just be honest that I broke my hymen with my finger (which means that he will come to know that I have a habit of masturbation)? Will he think of me as a bad girl after knowing it? How will a man feel to know that his wife -whom he thinks pure and innocent- has that bad habit? Will it make him look down upon her? Can he accept and respect her even after he knows it? I am not a bad girl, really. I know masturbation is bad and I'm trying so hard to quit but it happened that I bled after masturbation.

Thanks for reading and helping me to answer my post. May Allah reward you all.



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  1. Nope. He won't even notice. What you did with your body is solely your problem. No matter how wrong the act is, you didn't cheat on him or anything. This should stay between you and your God only. And He keeps veil on your secrets if He wills.

    • Thanks for the reply sister

      • I have the same problem pleaseee help me

        • I think you should not need to worried about this that you have broken your hymen,,, just make sure that you didn't loss your virginity (have a sex with some one) just try to leave masturbation... And offer pray

      • i also have the same problem, and I don't know how to make my future husband believe am still a virgin, pls help some body

        • You had sex with some one ? There are hymen repair surgeries to get back the vagina of virgin ...but please note that you have done big sin n need to repent .

      • Dear sister, Im male I can understand that and I believe ur husband will too. Just try to stop this act or u will end up addicted to it or constantly wanting sex with someone. Masturbation, **** and other harmful act destroy this person will power. Don't worry about it and try to get bussy in work, namaz etc. U will be fine.

    • it depends of his mentality if he is good and adjustable men he should not take any tension so please select appropriate husband, and very much depend where you live(is any muslim country) or other country, and many other things you can apply

    • Aslamu alaikum warahamtullah
      sister you do well for tell truth because it's only someone ho will repentant that will explain what he or she did may Allaah Have your repentants Accept

      I think if you repent and you never did it any more Almighty Allaah will forgive you walahu alam.

    • Hello , i have almost the same problem , i accidentally broke my hymen with my own finger because i thought that i have toilet paper stuck at my opening and i have long nails , right after that i saw blood and even though i have menstrual pain(back pain) i know my period isn't near yet , i didn't feel unusual pain and now i'm undergoing a stage of depression considering i'm a muslim , how would our society react to that ? i have never had a boyfriend because i wasn't really fond of the idea , what should i do ? and can i somehow prove to my future husband my fidelity ? would it be possible to bleed on my wedding night or would it be obvious that i have a broken hymen?? please help me !

      • As a doctor, i can say that not all girls are born wth hymen.
        But if u have, and its not present anymore but u didn't have sex with anyone, then u might have broke it via strenuous activities like bikings, gymnastics or going to gym. Anyways, its not a proof of virginity. So what if it doesn't bleed? You're still a virgin. Why, he doesn't love u anymore because it was broken? Does he only love your hymen? Boya must grow up.
        Anyways Im a Muslima.
        I too broke my hymen when OK was young at 6 yrs. I had an accident. When i saw my underwear, it had a blood on it. My Vagina was bleeding. But i never had any sexual partner until now. So technically, im still a virgin girl.
        Go girl

      • Dont worry you havent lost your virginity
        You havent had a sexual intercourse

  2. SLM DEAR ....

    well the bleeding part doesnt matter its the hymen ...once he penetrates you he will go easily in and this will make him know your hymen is broken he might forgive but he wont forget he will always have doubt that your lying about breaking it with your the way girl you have some guts ey breaking a hymen aint pleasurable at all for us girls thats why we bleed after you did not mention pain so i really dont think you broke it its way too painful and you would have felt you breaking a part of your skin....even for theman he takes time to break your hymen its not something easy,,,i think the night after you masturbated you then got your haidh the next stop this masturbation dont you get bored? i use to do it ,,,it lasts only for 5 min then its all over hmmm haraam that lasts 5 min aint worth it really your like pleasing yourself like a mad thing while the jinn watching and Allah watching :O when i remembered this i just couldnt do it again the shame is way too high .....

    • It was not painful at all sister. That's why I was so damn shocked to find me bleeding in the next morning. Yet, I still remember it wasn't my menstruation time. Alhamdulillah, I can control this alot better now since I also try to learn Qur'an more and memorize it. How will I let this dirty hands touch that holy book. This encourages me more to abstain from that habit. May Allah make it easy for me to completely leave this bad habit. I've never been touched, I don't even shake hands with male, I keep distance with them. Yet, because of my foolishness, I gotta lost the most precious thing which should be saved for my only future husband. I'm so regretful.

      • Dear Sister Layla.

        Virginity is not the MOST precious thing your husband gets when you marry him. you are precious any way Virgin or not, sinner or not. Its for Allah to forgive you Not your husband. and anyway its not that you had sex with someone out of please be easy on yourself.

        sister please keep it clear in your mind that marriage is not about proving you are virgin or not.

        • Thanks for the kind reply sister Friend. You are right sist. I do realize it. Yet, deep inside my heart, I have this worry somehow. That little thing (blood) is always signed as virginity in my community. That's why, I get anxious if I don't bleed on my first wedding night and he might have doubt about me.

          • ,dear make it clear in mind that breaking of hy men takes too much time and bleeds a lot . If it is not so with you you are still virgin and don't need to cearify your husband before intercourse. And secondly virginity is precious but only for real men than again its a matter of you and Allah. But be carefully not to masturbate again in life.

        • Please don't trivialize virginity. Yes at least the sister did not commit zina and is still a virgin, but masturbation is a sin according to the scholars. It also has long term negative side effects.

      • It is highly unlikely that after masterbating with one finger you broke your hymen, he will never notice. You most likely bled because your nails were sharp, you poked your cervix a little too hard, and/or your vagina just wasn't used to that kind of stimulation. You're still a virgin so no worries there and it is 100% natural to get the urge to touch yourself a bit.

      • Alhamdulillah may Allah bless u a pious husband and believe in yourself always be close to Allah and InshaAllah you will be far away from this evil act

    • Can u suggest that u do some reading about what the hymen is. It does not cover the vagina it is just a bit of skin around the outside and can be quite small. It may tear but it doesn't really break. Tension in the muscles if you are nervous is what can cause your husband to not go in easily, the hymen is not big enough in most girls to cause this problem. Because it is not a covering you would not feel it breaking and if it is small it might not bleed or even hurt. Often it tears during normal activity that is not immoral at all. Because of these reasons most women do not bleed and may not feel pain of they are very relaxed their first time.

      • I had the same problem as u Layla but can i ask u that don't you felt pain after u masturbated? i used to masturbating alot but i had never bleeding after it? so do my hymen break..?i couldn't feel anything after i masturbating.i feel really silly and regreted till now.i decided not to married and keep studying.

  3. Hello Laylah , Salam alaykum I have read your response and woul like to clear your doubt. Parten me if this is to bulgar but allah gave you your ovaries and your clitoris for a reason. It is normal when you are a grown woman to have urges from within and curiosity. It would be haram if you imagined another person or had immoral thoughts. But let me tell you that communication is the best thing in marriage it depends if you see that your husband will not like that. But honestly some men do, and also as long as you didn't put anything else that was not your finger everything down there should go back to normal. And when you have intercourse with your husband you will know the difference. Some woman don't bleed when their virginity is taken and others do also it is very rare cases where woman brake their hymen with finger masturbation so maybe your still ok. Also I had a similar experience and I felt something pop but on my first time with my husband I felt something higher pop and I did not bleed but he felt it pop he said so in short words if you do not have fingers 6 inches long and you did not use anything you should not have then you will be fine. An whoever loves you needs to accept you how you are dont change for anyone except Allah.

    • No sister, I didn't use anything else but my finger only. I myself also got so shocked, why was I bled? Is it that easy to break it,,

      • but how often did u do it layla.hope u be fine:)but i am still curious that do my hymen break if i didn't even bleed or pain after masturbating...

    • Plz help me I was also addicted in this habit and I can easily insert 2 fingers in my vagina means I feel loose from inner and outer and am so afraid.... How can I convince my husband?

      • He won't know this .How can some one who has not touched woman can know all these ..
        Nowadays cycling ,sports also reason for this ..
        Don't worry too much .

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    It is possible for a woman's hymen to be broken for many reasons - playing sports, horse riding, medical issues, essentially anything that can cause tissues in that area to be stretched. So, even if your future husband somehow notices your hymen is broken, he should most likely just accept it as a normal occurrence - if he were to question you excessively or immediately jump to conclusions, that says more about him than about you.

    There have been a lot of questions posted on this website about people trying to stop masturbating, so it might help you to look at the advice there and try to put it into practice.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • Thanks for your reply sister. Can I ask what you meant when you said "that says more about him than about you"? Honestly I don't understand this line.

      • Assalaamualaikam

        What I meant by that is that if a person is judgemental and quick to think badly of someone else or to pressure someone about a topic, that suggests that person needs to look at their own actions before criticising others.

        In Islam we are taught to respect modesty and privacy, and to not jump to conclusions or gossip. I would hope that a man of good character would follow these principles and not be unreasonable.

        Midnightmoon editor

        • Before my first marriage I was virgin. My wife didn't bleed first night. i thought that this happen due to some physical excises but I was wrong. After one year I come to know the reality that she have sex with some other man with out marriage. I give divorce to her. because she lied to me.Now I am very affriad that What will I do If My second wife don't bleed on first night...

          • Well what's wrong with u huh like u urself r not anymore a virgin and u expect someone else to be plz make this thing clear in ur mind if u want a woman to be a virgin u urself should also be virgin.

  5. I don't think is that easy to break it
    I think your still a virgin I don't know know when I got married it was so hard for mine to pop and it was so painful but I guess everybody body is different.

    • Thanks for the reply sister. Virginity is not all about blood, I know that. It's about our purity, innocence. How we as muslimahs preserve ourselves from haram things. Yet, in our society it has always been acknowledged that virgin girls are proved by blood on their first time. This is sad, we know it can also be unintentionally broken when one rides horse, bicycle or does any other exercise. And like the stupid thing I did 🙁

      • What if he doesn't believe me and tells his family about and then they bring shame to our family which is the most thing I'm scared of. I went through the same situation but I didn't know it was harem neither did I know about the hymen. I'm terrified of marriage now and I don't know what to do. I repent for all of my mistakes. But I'm just terrified of my future.


  7. Salam,

    Dear Sister, I dont think he will notice and also you should not tell your future husband of this due to the fact that you have not commited any sin whilst with him, in fact your not even married, it has nothing to do with him. Masterbation can destroy you as a person, as you are witnessing it is already having an affect. Please stop this and ask allah for forgiveness and do not do it again. I understand it is very easy for me to say this but really search the net and do some research about masterbation. Allah's wrath is more sever than all and he is watching you every second.

    Also I do not mean to post this comment here but if the editors are reading can you please approve my post as it is currently pending and said it would be ready for the 8/8/2013. I do not mean to be a bother but I really need advice on my situation and Inshallah may allah reward you all.

    • The "ready" date you see at the top of your post is the date is was submitted, not the date it is slated for publication. If you submitted it August 8, then you still have time to wait as we are still working on posts fro July, sorry.

      Wael Editor

  8. Ok thank you for your clarification Brother Wael, I eagerly await 🙂


  9. sis JUST TRUST IN GOD AND DO THE RIGHT, inshaAllah only good will b happen.

  10. Just tell him you've used tampons. That way he will think maybe this is how it was broken and not from masturbation.

  11. We were given[content removed by editor] by our creator and for this to give us pleasure. Masturbating is not a sin. This is something to be enjoyed.

    I agree with the point someone else made that the comments do seem to be in your favour, you probably have not broken your hymen.

    In my opinion a man should be understanding to other reasons for a hymen could be broken.

    [Editor's note: please avoid using graphic sexual terms on this site - this is an Islamic website so let's try to keep within appropriate limits of modesty.]

  12. Saw this blog and question and I am a young man in late twenties and chaste. My friends who got married chaste of course used to put their smiling faces and crying hearts with the same question when throwing treat to friends. Two of them who were closest to me said almost the same " she didnt bleed, I had it twice" ..All religious explanations are good for their brains not to hearts and after listening about girls hymen and how it can be absent. finally after a few days I met one of them to ask me it is only minute percentage with sports horse riding etc break hymen and my wife is no sports person. I dig internet for this to see significant 60-70% can have no bleeding being virgins and mailed him the same...unfortunately things were much worse than I expected @ his home. As per our knowledge she was very good girl and pious too. Finally I had to treat him with ultimate theraphy .. what if after marriage your sister didnt bleed and your bro-in-law is roaming with same feeling as you !!! Thats it !! no more questions... having friends who spoke to me all their experiences to limited extent realised me to draw these conclusions:

    1.Men watch porn especially a virgin girl and damn non sense... guys its a video and takes 3 4 days and hell fake.And there may be hundreds of girls who had intercourses yet they bleed on their first nights.So are they virgins does that satisfy you!! how about men do we have any test as such !!!
    2.Society concerns.. yes these girl and boy friendism has malacious thinking on minds.
    3.last but most important look for her character/Deen/Reliance on Allah alone and her temper this is what takes you to succeed in life and family as marriage is half of the deen.. guys...start your morning with a smile and a kiss on her forehead just tell her that now we are complete physically and emotionally and say sorry as they seem to go through pain for your first pleasure no matter she bleeds or not and don't even think of bleeding non sense..put your sisters and to be daughters IA in that place...And start enjoying each other for the delightful moments in your life.Become the best friends the day one of your life ...more importantly love and express that ...

    We are Muslims who are away from all Jahiliyat... just my 2 cents


  13. You didn't do anything wrong. It is natural.

    • Plz help me I was also addicted in this habit and I can easily insert 2 fingers in my vagina means I feel loose from inner and outer and am so afraid.... How can I convince my husband?

  14. Before marriage, how many times girls can have sex with sumone?

    • Salaams,

      Girls and boys are both prohibited from having sex before marriage AT ALL. The answer is ZERO. Girls and boys in Islam are to guard their chastity, which means no kissing, touching or even unnecessarily looking at someone of the opposite sex whom they are not married to.

      -Amy Editor

  15. Sex is just like suspense. Real virgin boy and girl enjoy sughat rat on full swings. Meaning of a woman is hidden thing. The best quality of a woman is that she never see any adult male and nor adult male see her. Greatest jihad is controlling your self.

      A Real Islamic Man Forget all thing and past and save the girl life and make perfect future life for girl as a husband ................
      A good man never ask to you what did you do in past life...............................

  16. Wow.

    When I choose a life-long partner I choose one who believes in me, supports me and shares my interests and goals in life. And not one who cares who I have had sex with, or whether I masturbate, or whether I am a virgin.

    Do you care if your husband will be a virgin? How come this double standard applies to only you and not to him? That's intense.

    I am unmarried, have had sex many times, am very happy. I am non-religious, I am active in my community, I attend school, work full-time. I am interested in both men and women. I earn a lot of money, have a good job. I treat other people with respect. And I masturbate a lot, and I have no shame.

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    Or, you could worry about it and waste your life thinking someone is always watching you, and be ashamed about everything you do.

    • Girl ,

      Are you a muslim ? As per our faith Muslims should feel bad about the sins and repent sincerely to Allah and try never to commit those sins again . Feeling proud about the sins is not a Muslim behavior .

  17. Dear sister,

    now you have done sin. so now you have a way to pray of forgiveness from Allah and stop all worth deads.
    But as we are Muslims and we find the purpose of life. We know that our purpose of life is to obey the order's of Allah. And it is fact that the whole enjoyment and happiness is behind the obeying orders of Allah.
    Allah Almighty is Rehman. Allah will certainly forgive you if u prey for ur forgiveness and promise to not commit it next time.
    And as u r saying u have habit so you should get marry soon.
    Nikah is a curtain which cover ur mistakes of life.
    Don't worry and believe yourself and your Allah.
    offer ur prayers punctually.
    Read the life of our prophet(S.A,W).

    Now the best way is to get strong ur faith and study to Islam.
    And get marry if possible otherwise if you move your fully attention to Islam it will make pure to your soul.
    And you will get calm in life.

    Remember Islam is the way follow it correctly.

  18. sisters plz tell frnd is 19 year old.and she did mastribution.and now she thoght that her hyman is break but i dont yhink so becoz usko koi bleeding nhe ayi and na hi pain howa so my question is k agr hyman break ho jae to bleeding hona zrori hae and pain bhe hota hae kya.sisters plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help my frnd plzz i m realy confuse.

    • nosheen, I don't speak Urdu, but if you are saying that her hymen broke from masturbation and is she still a virgin, the answer is yes, she is still a virgin. Not all husband will be understanding of this, but the reality is that many things can break the hymen, including sports, cycling and horseback riding. Furthermore, even when the hymen is intact it does not always bleed during the first sexual intercourse. If a man is educated in these matters then your friend should have no problem.

      Wael Editor

  19. hi dear.
    same thing happened to me dear im regretting it badly... its mentally torturing me when I think of my wedding. I feel guilty.
    are you married now? sorry for asking I cant make up my mind..
    I hope almighty will keep our secrets...

  20. Dear sister,as you are a women u should know that hymen is so much important for u and u should not play with it and break it before marriage.if u wonna have masturbation u might have played with ur clitoris and would have got the satisfaction,but breaking the hymen and bleeding is sensing bad to me because during first time of sex ur hymen(that covers the vagina) tears and causes blood flow which is a proof for ur virginity.But now ur husbamd will think that u have lost ur virginity.That sounds bad.Instead I have one idea.u say ur husband that once u went on a horse back and accidentally ur hymen was torn and u bleeded.or else say him that u met with an accident and due to that ur hymen was broken

    • The hymen does not cover the vagina but is a bit of skin on the edge. It can tear a bit during many types of activities. Some are bigger some are small some women dont have any of this skin. But it doesnt cover anything or you couldnt menstrate.

    • I have to add my 2 cents and say some women where not born with a hymen and what she did is not her husbands problem its between her and god and if he thinks that if shes not bleeding she has lost her virginity he is not at all educated the hymen can be broken in many ways. I just disagree when you said bleeding during sex is a sign if ur purity no i would have to say its not what about the women who lost it from sports falling or where not born with it at all.

      • Agreed. Many people have these misconceptions even today. It's so disgusting to look around you and find the same problems, that were eradicated 1400 years ago by our Prophet (S.A.W), arising again. May Allah guide the Muslim ummah.

  21. hi dear friends please tell me kya again blooding possible hai

    • Yes possible hai
      im a doctor. I know this

      • Plz help docter, plz.... my frnd age19 and shes problm is she think her hymn lost becse of fingering some tms she use 2 fingwrs ..lot of tm she will be finger.. i think 2years ..once a month she will finger... but she dont go guys to sex..allh promise she dont g
        o .. but her future husband think she is a virgin girl.. so please help... how could prove she not a virgin girl?? And also she have bleeding not have pain also..please help please

    • salam
      ap ka sawal parha aor perh ker bahut hansa,ap bahut bhooli hain,aisa nai hota hymen break ho jaiy to dobara blood nai aata han itna zaroor hay thorha bahut blood say hymen nai toota acha khasa khoon ata hay.phir b meri dua hay mola aap ka parda rakhay.dont worry

      • I think you are saying that the hymen always bleeds heavily when it breaks? This is not necessarily true. Sometimes there is little or no blood and the woman does not even notice.

        Wael Editor

  22. Dear i bet on this ur still virgin if not it doesn't matter .masturbation is not a sin its a pleasure every man can do this thing do not prove ur self guilty ant the broken hymen deos not mean that u had sex with someone don't get mad please...this is all about ur character be honest and don't do that again only clitoris is the best way for pleasure.just get marry to a better person especially honest. Otherwise ur parents will be responsible for ur act's at the day of judgment Because they are responsible for ur wedding arrangements.God bless you

    • I pleasure myself by the clitoris btw im 15 and i feel if having sex before marrige is a sin i am a virgin btw then we should be able to pleasure ourselfs because lets get real here people any human gets horny sorry if im being vulgar im a blunt person anyways people get horny i cant control my urge and peolple should be able to pleasure themselves through the clitoris thats my view but my question is , is pleasuring yourself through the clit haram because i have been doing it to control my urge and keep my virginity until i am married .

  23. Although self pleasure is forbidden but I don't know why you're making so much fuss about it when men can do it so can a female. And I read this foolish girl saying that jins are watching and etc let me tell you that this girl has been really washed by some illogical stuf. And as far as your virginity goes just pray you get a sincere man he will understand that women have desires too. May Allah help you get that man.

  24. I have a ques tht is it right for an unmarried girl to think about her future husband that how will she do ......with her husband .

  25. Hi,im a boy and i belong to army ,im 18 and Layla why are u worried , let me tell u all girls a secret of 100%. Boys that they do masburation soooo often soo dont worry for ur husband he will not be virgin ,im sooo sure,boys start this work at the age of. 13 and all boys whom i met i my life do masburation ,i live in pakistan in Lahore now soo dont worry for ur husband just say sorry toALLAH THE GREAT . IM TRUE WE BOYS ARE ADDICTED TO MASBURATION and im trying my best to stop this dirty work ,plzz take care

  26. Dont worry. Iam here to help you.
    I have read your problem.
    Solution is simple.
    Marry with me i will forgive you for such a mistake. Beacause the man is the home of mistakes.

    • Rafique, we do not allow matrimonial proposals or advertisements on our website. The reality is that you don't know anything about this sister, and she doesn't know anything about you. Also, we do not allow posting private contact information.

      Wael Editor

  27. Assalamualaikum
    I am also at 21 .i did the same as lyla did . But after doing this about 4/5 hours later i found my mense period.
    Apu can u tell me if my hymen is broked or is still alive as before

  28. I Have a question.. Plz help me in this regard... I m a Muslim girl... 3 to 4 years ago because of some bad company of friends I unfortunately for the habit of masturbation... That time I don't. even know that it is not allowed in day I inserted my two fingers in my vagina, sorry to say it was pleasurable but I don't. Even konw the bad consequences. Of this at that time... And I don't. Bleed at question is that when I got marry will I bleed or not... Now when I realized the truth behind the hymen I am too much worried about this... Plz help me in this regard.. After that I don't. Even think about masturbations a single time... May Allah forgive me for this bad act... Plz help me to answer my question

  29. masturbating is not bad . It brings a women closer to her body but in some cases but addicted towards it brings a bit of problem and always remember you are a child of Allah and he will never be angry with you he knows you have a pure heart and soul he is their as a power or as renderer of your purity and above all worrying about a man destroying your hymen doesn't means that you are not a virgin and you know god is great he will give you a perfect life partner so don't worry live a happy life and remember he is always their.

  30. I did the same thing I was in the fourth grade and was persuaded by my best friend because she told me she did it so I followed her advice and now as a 17 year old girl (I've been thinking of becoming a Muslim for a while) I deeply regret it and I was young plus i didn't no anything about Hymen's and virginity etc now I'm scared if I do convert and I do get married to an muslim man he will judge me over my dumb decision that I made at 11 years old... I was just a kid

    • Dear friend
      If it is an insoluble problem.I would like to suggest to rebuild your hymen . It's a simple and low cost surgery in Sri Lanka. Maybe Cost Rs 30 000/= .

  31. Ask sister,
    I'm a 17 year old girl studying to become a doctor and I was doing some research while I came across your question. What you did was haraam but everyone has urges so ask Allah swt for forgiveness that's all what can be done. And as for the thing you're concerned the bleeding could have been due to various reasons. Maybe your vaginal walls were ruptured to to lack of lubrication which led to bleeding which is completely normal. Plus you mentioned that there was no pain so I didn't think so that you broke your hymen. Plus a woman's virginity cannot be judged by bleeding upon having intercourse for the first time as many women are born without a hymen or some women are born with a hymen which is elastic which dosent break even at child birth at times and some women break their hymen at a young age by intense physical activities like horseback riding or cycling ect. Plus when your husband makes love to you he will come to know that you're a virgin because your vagina was never used in that way. Also if you want to be sure, while you pee pay attention to the way your pee comes out of your body. If it comes out in a single line I think you broke your hymen but if it splits while coming out (you can feel it) it is due to the hymen covering the entrance of your vagina (hopefully that should help its just something I've figured out)

  32. Man is a doll of sins.
    Tell your partner everything and everything will be fine. But first ask Allah for forgiveness.

  33. I think i broke my hymen when i was just 5 yrs old. I slipped and my ump was bleeding. Im a sporty too. I dont know what he'll think.
    But regarding the masturbation thing, I masturbated too,but did not insert fngers.
    Just played with the clit. Im afraid to put it inside. Luckily, this month is Ramadhan.
    I wanna abstain from it but i get too horny before menstruation, sometimes during. I think my hormones are messing up with me. Masturbation is prohibited right? What should i do.? I mean, i cant fast during MENS.

  34. Miya: I think i broke my hymen when i was just 5 yrs old....But regarding the masturbation thing, I masturbated too,but did not insert fngers.........Just played with the clit. Im afraid to put it inside..

    Not sure what is your question. You think your hymen is broken. I guess you don't know if it is broken or not. If you don't know it, how can a guy who has never seen a hymen know if it is broken or not.

  35. Hi, i don't think that ur husband will judge u as most men now a days understand more about hymens and know that they can be broken for many reasons. I came upon this page because i also had the same fear because of some physical activities and i once made that same mistake, but alhamdallah i have, stopped, repented, and asked Allah for forgiveness, but at the same time i was not afraid because i know that i did not commit zina and thats something to be proud of because at least ur not sleeping around for pleasure. The medical doctor on here gave me the answer to my question so she should have answered urs too since its the same one. Also, it depends on the guy that u marry. I know that some men really care about the hymen while many don't. By the time of your marriage, ur future husband should have full trust in you so he shouldn't doubt you if he knows what type of person u are.

  36. I too did the same and cried a lot I am a very protective girl I don't even look at boys but I did this a little painfull and bloody as I saw I wasnt masturbating I do but I was just checking how much deep is that place and a sound of bubble breaking bit of pain and blood I was shocked and afraid I cried a lot please help what to do..

    • What is done is done. Read the answers already given.

      Wael Editor

      • JazakhAllah khair every comment was helpfull I wanted to ask after twuba ,astaghfar and lots of dua is there any kaffara of breaking hymen I mean I m not even sure ..and masturbating does have a kaffara or something to sincerely wash this sin??..JazakhAllah.. may Allah forgive the ummah and does magfirat of every one Ameen

  37. sis once I put half of my finger in dnt remember the exact coz its a past now ..but I guse my period was going to be started at the same day .when I put half of my finger in a vary vary little blood was there ...after that my period was started ...hv I lost my virginity?? plz ans me im waiting

    • You did not lose your virginity. Virginity can only be lost through sexual intercourse. You may or may not have broken your hymen. It's impossible to tell. It might just have been a bit of blood from your period.

      Wael Editor

  38. Salam ….m Muslim and m 22 …I have a huge problem n I didnt share this with anyone bcoz m embarresd now … I use to masterbste my clitorus when I was kid now my left labia is greater and my clitorus is also not in good shape …m afraid to tell this to anyone. …will my future husband gets to know that I used to fingered a lot ? I just regret now what ever I did …..plz anyone help me....but I didn't touch my vagina

    • These imperfections are normal and have nothing to do with your masturbation. Everyone's body is different. I am sure your husband will not care about such things, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

      • Thank you for ur reply 🙂 ....but if someone will ask me about this ..what should I say ? Should I tell other person the truth .....or not ? I believed that m a good person ....that was my mistake

  39. im married of course not a virgin but didnt gave birth...

    • Aliya, I edited your comment as it was far too graphic. You need to see a doctor immediately. Don't delay.

      Wael Editor

      • Sorry for that .. but there must be any reason ... how can I tell a doctor thing like that to his face ... help?

        • Assalaamualaikam

          You need medical attention, so swallow your pride and ask a doctor for help. Your health is the most important thing here. If you are able to choose, you can ask for a female doctor, inshAllah - that might help you feel more comfortable.


  40. Hi .....m 23 and m not married ....I have a problem ....can anyone plz tell me ...I didn't tell this to left labia is little different in shape as compared to other bcoz I used to masterbate my cliotus hood is also not in good shape ...I found line on it I don't feel any pain ...or itchy it normal ? Should I go to doctor ? .....will my future husband will kill me for this ? 🙁

  41. There is nothing wrong with masturbation as there is no clear textual indication. Hymen can break many ways even by playing so hymen breaking is not only a result of something going in the vagsina.
    You can tell your husband that in order to protect yourself from zina and dirty sins, you masturbate to relive your sexual tension.

    • zee, first read the answers given on questions similar to yours on this website. If you cannot find any, then please register and submit your question as a separate post (in English), and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

    • what is the gantry that the women masturbation and don't do Zina ???
      we say Allah Don't make any think useless, Then we say Hymen Is Use less...

      • Hymen is present to prevent the fetus from infections when the baby is in mother womb

        • No you are wrong. Hymen is not to protect fetus.
          If so then why ALLAH give it un pregnant women.
          Like milk and other things why hymen don't create after pregnancy...???

  42. for you it is only bad to enter penis in vagina. other wise getting naked in front of bf is not bad. he enter finger in your vagina this is not bad.
    I do not understand you girls you get naked in front of someone and want to merry with someone else...
    why you don't get married with your bf and don't destroy the life of other person...

  43. Salam alikum

    • Zar, please register and submit your comment as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  44. I want a ans plz tell me plz m cousin n apne fiance k sath kafi tym sex Kya h.. engagement ko kafi tym honay ki waja c dono k Ghar m kafi prblm creates ho chuki h.
    engagement almost khtm ho chuki h to Kya ab m cousin kisi or c shadi krskti n of course she lost her hymen what she can do..usk ghr walay koi acha rishta dekh rhy h us k liye plz tell me right ans..shadi walay din usko koi problem to nhi hogi apne husband k sath .woh bht pareshan h ab us n srf mjhc share ki h y baat

  45. Don't worry but you must explain this to the one that truly loves you coz he will understand you better and it's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of .

  46. You’re future husband (if you got married) will have that habit as well... as if boys don’t masturbate all the time, he might masturbate before your first night and after... get over it

  47. Hymen does not have to do anything with virginity...the only way to find answer to this question is that weather u had a sexual partner or not..if no then u r Virgin..and u don't have to prove that to anyone..just keep loving yourself the way u are,❤️and don't get sad or depressed over these little things❤️wish u all the best❤️

    • This is completely irrelevant to the post, but your "blueberry muffins" username reminded me of when I was 28 and had just moved to San Francisco and had very little money. I rented a room at the YMCA. It was a tiny room, so small I could touch both walls at the same time. Bathrooms were shared by the floor, and no visitors were allowed. But there were two perks: one was that use of the gym facilities was included, and it was a nice gym. So I used to work out every day, lifting weights. The other was that every morning the cafeteria would give the residents free, hot blueberry muffins and milk. So that was my breakfast every morning.

      Wael Editor

    • What will you do if you find that he is married before and you are his second wife.????

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