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How can I win her parent’s approval after gossip and lies have damaged it?


My parents have set me up with a girl and our engagement was fixed.  Some miscreants have told some false stories about my family and made the girl's parents to break our relationship.  Myself and my parents have tried to convince them to know the truth and accept the relationship but the girl's family is not willing to do so.

Girl and me have got in touch as we both liked each other a lot from the day when our engagement day was confirmed. My parents are ready but girl's parents are not. Girl is trying hard to convince her parents that she needs me in her life but her parents are not relenting.  We both pray a lot to Allah to convince her parents so that Allah can make them  understand the real truth and change thier mind to accept our relationship.

Is there any prayer which she can recite which will make thier parents understand her pain and change their mind to accept our relationship?

We cant live separately please help us.

Allah Hafiz

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  1. Salaam Rose125,

    Well, you need to find out from the girl's parent or the girl herself who these ppl are that gave false accusation about you.

    Emphasis to girl's parent that now you both like each other for marriage, therefore, please give your blessings.

    Perform istikhara and if turns out postive let the girl's parents know and perhaps the girl's parents should perform istikhara to see what results they come up with.

    And, please do not meet the girl alone as this is haram and second it would ruin your profile.

    I hope it works out for you.


    • Asak Parveen,

      Shukriya Parveen. I tried to convince her parents in all possible ways but they are not agreeing. We both have left the decision to Allah and Praying Allah to Open up some door for us. We are hoping that Allah will accepts our prayers inshallah. Plz do pray for us.

      Allah Hafiz

  2. Walaikumsalaam, i would agree with sister parveen, talk to her parents and request that they pay salat-ul-istikhara to first of all verify that those stories about you are false and that you and your family are truthful and secondly to see if she is right to marry you, inshaAllah it works out for you brother, and remeber fight for the truth and keep Allah in your heart, he will help and guide you inshaAllah.

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