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A question regarding marriage contract.


Assalam o Alaykom,

I need to know the situation regarding somebody who got married with a foreign woman who do not know his native language ( the arabic ) , he lied about his exact age , also the marriage contract was  submitted in arabic  therefore the foreign wife could not check the written exact age of this man ,  now they are living together since almost 3 years under the same lie.


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  1. Salaams,

    It sounds as if you are more concerned about the issues you mentioned than the actual wife in question is! I am curious, what would be the significance of lying about his age? Is he a minor but saying he is an adult or something? Or, is he decades older than he told her? The concern I have is this- unless the lie about the age is only a few years off (which in my opinion, seems negligable), then I would think that she would be aware of that discrepancy once she sees him in person, and question him about it then if it was an issue for her?

    If she has a copy of the marriage contract and it is only in Arabic (which she doesn't speak), she can take it to someone to have it translated/explained to her (perhaps her husband already did this and she is satified with his explanation?). Needless to say, she should not have agreed or signed to anything without fully understanding it, and it would be her fault if she did and found out later she agreed to something she didn't like. Are you implying the contract actually said something she would have liked to know that was important about her marriage, but because she couldn't read/understand it, she is being deceived about something significant?

    I would think that if she signed the contract with understanding or not, and is now living with her husband for the past three years with no concerns and doesn't seem to be bothered by the age issue, then there is no problem at all. If she does have an issue about any deception on her husband's part, she should discuss this with him directly to try to resolve it. Unless you are the wife in question and have a specific concern about these matters, it may be best for you to let this couple work out their own issues as they see fit.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Maybe it's just me but after three years of marriage, I would be more concerned with the mans character and the fact if he is a good husband or not and how he treats his wife over calculating his exact age. Does it really matter after three years of marriage? I'd be more concerned in who he is as a person but, that's just me.


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