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Is he worth staying married to?

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I just want to ask this simple question. A woman does whatever her husband asks of her, and still her husband doesn't want her with him. She took care of everything, but at the end of the day her husband said, "I don't like you," directly to her face. She can't come back because she doesn't want to hurt her parents, at this age...what she should do: divorce, or live with that person, who's involved in all kinds of sin? He cheats on her and he's talking to a lot of other girls and doesn't care if she feels alone. He just play games and minds his business. He doesn't care about anything.


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  1. She should divorce him. There shouldn't be any hurt caused to the parents by this divorce. The parents themselves should want this for the child they love. Even if there was hurt it is negligible when considering raising children in such an environment. Let the husband chat up with girls and enjoy his life and you should move on and try to create a good Muslim family that you're working towards.

  2. Al Salaamu Alaykum,

    Allah urges and even commands us to avoid destruction. He is very clear that sin is one form of destruction. If your husband is sinful, particularly if he's being unfaithful to you, then he is bringing destruction into your life that you are not obligated to be a victim to. Allah says that one reason for divorce is to correct situations that are exceeding the limits of Allah. Your husband's behavior is certainly that.

    Your parents may be hurt by the failure of the marriage, but in shaa Allah in time they will rightly place the blame for that outcome on the one it belongs to, which is your destructive and sinful husband. You will always be their daughter and if you are open with them about the wrongs you had been enduring, in shaa Allah you will find them more supportive than you imagined.

    -Amy Editor

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