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Would a bank loan be permissible in this situation?

I am from Turkey.
Sir my son had an accident a week ago. He is admitted in the local private hospital.
I've spent a lot of money on his treatment and the Hospital requires more money for the further treatment.
I have no other source in the country but except to lift up a loan from a bank.
Kindly guide me, my case comes in usury or not.
If Yes, then please give the reason why.


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  1. Assalam alaikum Sister,

    Perhaps another poster may know if you can get a loan or not, but just a thought, can you speak to a local Imam and ask them what they say?

    Also, given that you are in Turkey, a Muslim country, is there a way to get a loan from a bank or someone else that is interest-free?

    I pray that your son has a quick recovery. May Allah swt ease your difficulties, Ameen.

  2. As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    My dear brother in Islam, I firstly supplicate to Allah, during these auspicious days of Ramadan and as a Saaim that Allah grant Shifaa to your son, give him complete recovery, and great health to serve Allah through that health.

    I am not a scholar and please understand that any advice here is only a suggestion. If there is any mistake, we all seek forgiveness from Allah, and if there is any good, it is only from Allah.

    If you have to pay interest for your loan from the bank then it would fall into Riba/Usury.

    Riba is a grave sin, the only sin for which Allah swt has mentioned that the person who dealt with Riba has declared a war with Allah (May Allah protect us), no creation of Allah can go on a war with Allah. As per another hadeeth dealing with Riba is like fornicating with ones mother some 20 odd times (Aaodubillah).

    That said, in extreme cases Allah does allow that which has been prohibited only in the quantity that will be just enough, like eating pork while one is about to die. Here only that amount of pork can be consumed that will give the person energy to search for another halal meal and keep him alive, not to devour it stomach full.

    In your case you have mentioned that your son is in the hospital, only you know how serious the issue is, and you need to answer these questions
    1. Is it a matter of life and death or something serious related to causing a disability in his life later ?
    2. Have you exhausted all possible means, selling some of your property, liquidating some of your savings or assets, seeking help from extended family, seeking help from friends, it is the month of Ramadan, anyone who can give you a "qard al hasana", a good loan

    More than anything else keep supplicating to Allah to cure your child and save him and also save you from falling into Riba. For Allah, nothing is difficult, knock on the doors of his mercy during the last few days of Ramadan, he might open a door for you that you never even knew existed, have complete faith.

    Now, it is for you to decide, if it is a time critical matter of life and death or some serious disability, and you think you have exhausted all possible options that you could imagine, including offering at least a couple of rakat salat, and begging Allah to find you a way. After all of this, if you still do not see a non riba outlet, then have faith in Allah's mercy, and save your child, considering you are choosing the smaller of two evils and trying to save his life, while knowing in your heart that it is still wrong, and making every effort to clear the riba based loan as soon as possible.

    I supplicate that Rabb al Aalameen, Ash Shaafi, grants shifa to your child in a miraculous way, and also saves you from entering into Riba.

    Please do not consider this a fatwa, and consult some well versed and educated scholar as well, I seek refuge in Allah from the fire, and from giving any advices against his commands in the Quran. I believe after exhausting all possible means and with no other way out, then you can take this loan to save your child but I can be wrong. Allah knows the best, and may he guide us to the right path.

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