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Hello. I am writing a novel about a Muslim family, and I have a few questions to ask. Obviously, I want to portray the Muslim faith accurately in the storyline, and to show that the Islamic faith is a strong/ beautiful thing.

In the book my character Cala comes from a very prestigious Islamic family. She is the only living child of her mother and father, who is a wealthy lawyer. I am not sure about the Islamic customs of inheritance yet -- I'm still doing research -- but in my story I wanted the girl to be attending the SNDT University for Women in Mumbai, India. She is attending to follow in the path of her father's footsteps and become a lawyer.

During this time a relationship blooms with her father's young assisstant. It is a very sinful relationship according to the Muslim faith. The couple sneaks out alone, wanders around Mumbai and have premarital sex against her parents' rules. When Cala is 25 she gives birth to a daughter whom she gives the American names Kate as a deliberate jibe against her parents. She never marries her lover and when she's 27 she births another daughter, Ellie, whom she also gives an American name.

I am just wondering what the severity of the consequences to this girl would be? Would she be forced to give up her children? Would her parents completely cast her out and if they didn't would there be religious consequences for that? What would the reaction of Cala's parents be from a very devout Muslim's point of view?

Like I said, I understand the sins this girl is partaking in and how they deliberately go against her faith. Please answer my question honestly so that my portrayal of these events can be as accurate and respectful as possible.

- boston2014

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  1. As salamu alaykum, Boston,

    I am going to be as honest as I can trying not to be harsh. And of course, this is just my personal opinion.

    I would highly recommend you to read the website, this way you will see what happens in real life.

    In this world, you can have anything happening from one extreme to the other, as human beings, we are not predictable, you can find the ideal situation and the opposite to it, and everything in the middle. Then, I don´t feel able to answer your question, are the writer, you should spend your time searching and you are the one that is going to solve and give an ending to the situation, I am sure you will have an idea of what is the ideal situation.

    You created the situation, you created the drama, you created everything, it is your novel, it is in your mind, you are the only one that can have a solution to your problem. One of your tasks as a writer is to search about what you want to talk about to be accurate, India, casts, religion, culture, relationships.... and the only one that know the heart of the parents, Cala and the american is you, you are the one that will know what they will do, nobody else knows.

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor


    • What move people to go against their faith, values, loved ones, ....that would break a person inside, would be hell on earth.

      As mother, I would forgive everything and I would try that she returns to the Straight Path and if she doesn´t listen I will wait and will pray till the last second of my life for my daughter to return to the Straight Path and repent for all her sins to Allah(swt). This is just a personal opinion.

      María Editor

  2. If my daughter, God forbid, did that, I would be extremely extremely upset and condemn her actions, naturally.
    I would however til my last breath pray that Allah swt guides her back to the right path and because in Islam we are 'forbidden' to cut relations with kith/kin, I would never 'cut her off' completely. Thats what I think I'd do..

    You see, Islam says one thing and culture another. Make sure you can differentiate between the two and present things correctly...primarily focusing on not presenting culture as islam.
    As for example, this is the prime example - how Islam forbids cutting relations with family, regardless of their faith n practice, whereas in most asian cultures, and definitely indian, a girl would be be an outcast (if not killed) for doing such a thing by her parents.
    Just a point I thought was important to make u realise incase u havent already. 🙂

    was salaamu aliakum

  3. can i know why Muslim women chosen for this sinful character

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