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Young couple got married secretly, now not living together

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AOA my question is, a boy and a girl has done nikah without telling and without the will of their parents about 17 months ago, and still the boy parents dont know about it and girl claims that she has told her family about it and now they want her to have divorce and get married to someone else.

They are not living together as they want their parents to accept their nikah first. In this period of 17 months the girl has pushed the boy many times to move forward and get married again as her parents are not willing at any cost.

And boy also sometimes wants to do this but can not decide, from last 12 months or so the boy has also promised a widow girl for marriage because some where inside he also wants to move ahead towards normal life. but now the boy is stuck because he wants the girl to decide for him as the nikah was done on her pressure but she is not deciding and also seeing other proposals for her too despite of already being in nikkah.

On the other hand the widow girl is waiting for the boy to get marry with her and the boy is waiting for his wife to decide whether to come to him or leave him.

Please suggest something to resolve their issue.

- sanablz

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  1. Sister

    This situation simply sounds like a hotch-potch of uncertain decisions!!!

    All that needs to be done is
    1. if the boy and girl don't want to be married- divorce.
    2. If they want to be married- announce to both families and live a married life.
    3. The boy needs to tell the widow he is married and leave her alone to move on.

    The widow does not need to be sucked into this mess right now. The most important thing is that the boy and girl wise up and admit thier mistake of a secret marriage to thier parents and convince both parties that they wish to be husband and wife and now that they are married they wish for the parents blessing.

    I hope Allah makes it easy for you.

  2. same like indian movies .; only the director can help suggestion.

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