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Monday, February 7, 2000


Dear Sister Bilqis,

As-Salaamu-Alaikum wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatu,

I pray that you understand the intention behind my question. First of all, I know without a doubt that riba is haram. My situation is after a divorce (I was forced to leave my husband because of his mental illness). I had to relocate and that depleted my funds. I was blessed to secure a job before my relocation back to my home town. I had two jobs to maintain myself and children, but I did not have transportation. I spent alot of time on corners and at convenient stores waiting on my sons to pick me up and transport me to my second job. It was an obvious inconvenience for them, and even though they never complained, I felt it incumbent upon me to get my own car. I was introduced to a Muslim car dealer who agreed to sell me a car at auction price, but I had to go to the bank to have it financed.

ALLAH knows that I had no other alternative. I did it with the premise that I could double up on the payments and settle the debt without much riba affixed to the loan. Later, I was told by a Muslim sister to contact the Islamic school board where I am employed to request a loan payoff and then pay them instead of the bank. I complied but never received a reply from them. I avoid major sins and sinning in general, I strive to be the best Muslim. It seems like ALLAH is warning me...frequently, when I pick up the Qur'an to read it...the page is on the topic of riba...I come across much information about riba without looking for it......a speaker addressed our community on riba....What should I do? I am a single parent, with a daughter in college..she has to be transported...I also teach in an Islamic school and clean the school after work because I need the funds.

On another note, my ex-husband charged me $1,182 monthly to allow my children to live in his home. I paid him the child support check of $400 that I received from their father, but he wanted more. Am I obligated to pay him? I have already started to pay him a monthly payment of $100. I was married to him for 19 months, and the bill is now $10,535. I am struggling to pay him. Is this lslamically correct to do this?

-Jaza Kallah Khairan, Sr. S-



Dear Sr. S-,

I wanted to respond to your question because you posed a few situations that you need to get a proper understanding of. I am not a Muslim scholar so I can't give you an answer as such. However, I understand your concern as we know that business transactions involving interest are unlawful for us as Muslims.

I think you should again pursue the possibility of the Islamic school perhaps paying off the loan and you paying them back. Often times communications break down. If you pursue this to its end, you may get the answer you seek.

Regarding the matter with the ex-husband, you definitely need to seek the Islamic jurisprudence on this situation. This is a very large amount to owe someone, especially a former husband.

With both of these matters, I would seek out a Muslim with expertise in Islamic law and ascertain your rights and responsibilities before you make any more payments.

From your letter you seem God-fearing, sincere and hard-working. Continue to seek Allah's (swt) help and guidance through these matters and you will Insh'Allah see the light at the end of the tunnel.

-Bilqis Muslim Matrimonials