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Ramadhan in Pictures

Friday, November 8th, 2002
Reprinted from the BBC Online


Watching the sun set
Watching the sun set. Soon it will be time for futoor and Maghreb


Cake shaped like a masjid
Ramadan is not only a time of abstinence, but also speciality food during the hours of darkness. These chefs have prepared a cake shaped like a mosque.


Turkish peacekeepers in Kabul
Ahead of the fast, Turkish peacekeepers helped distribute the fasting schedules to residents of the Afghan capital, Kabul


Sweeping the masjid courtyard
Ramadan, which begins when the new moon appears, will not be until Thursday in Pakistan (above) and India


Muslims demonstrating for Iraq
The fate of Iraq is on many Muslims' minds


Selling dates in Cairo
... and ironically-named "Saddam Hussein mass destruction" dates are selling well in Cairo


Muslim women in Virginia buying meat
American Muslims have had one eye on elections and another on stocking up for the fast. These women in Virginia, USA are buying halal meat.


Turkish woman reading Qur'an
Turkey has also just come out of elections - in which an Islamic-based party scored a landslide victory


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