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Ramadhan 1426 Pictures (2005)

Wednesday, October 3, 2005
Reprinted from the BBC Online

Shooting a cannon in the morning of Ramadan
One and a half billion Muslims around the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan. Here a man lights a cannon to indicate the coming of the dawn.

Men in Kabul praying
In Ramadan, Muslims such as these men in Kabul, Afghanistan, fast during daylight hours...

Muslim men in New York share Iftar
All over the world Muslims gather, like these men in New York, at sunset to share iftar, the meal that breaks the fast.

Calling the adhaan in Bosnia
A man in Bosnia calls the faithful to prayer. The sunset prayer marks the end of the fasting day.

Sunni family in Basra, Iraq, breaks their fast
A Muslim Sunni family in Basra, Iraq, enjoys the breaking of the fast.

Worshipppers at an Indonesian mosque
.Huge numbers of worshippers gather at the mosques in Indonesia to pray the night prayers.

Looking for the new moon of Ramadan in Pakistan
Men in Pakistan are gathered to look for the new crescent moon that indicates the beginning of Ramadan

A child plays with fireworks in Gaza City
This time of spiritual contemplation is also accompanied by fun and frolics at night time, as here in Gaza City, Palestine, where a child plays with a firework.

Shopkeeper in Baghdad
A shopkeeper in Baghdad does his best business at night, after people have eaten.

Saudi man shops for carrots
A family in Saudi Arabia shops for carrots and other ingredients for the Iftaar or evening meal.

Palestinian girl playing in Gaza
Streets such as this one in Gaza, Palestine, bustle as families enjoy this festival month.


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