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10 MORE Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife

Newlywed Muslim couple

Newlywed Muslim couple making a “heart” sign with their hands.

Wael Abdelgawad | Zawaj.com

My first post on this subject, 50 Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife, was very popular, so I’m doing this follow-up with ten more great things to do to make your wife happy.

1. Turn off your phone and other devices and spend uninterrupted time with your wife. Go for a picnic, go out to dinner together, or just sit down and enjoy cuddling time – regardless, turn off your phone altogether. Don’t just put it on silent or vibrate! TURN – IT – OFF. This tells your wife that she is more important than anyone else who might seek to interrupt your time together.

2. Be a gentleman. Pull out her chair for her, open the car door for her, help her put her jacket on, hold the umbrella over her head in the rain. Do these things even if your wife is an athlete and could run laps around you, ha ha. Okay, maybe a tiny minority of women will find these things sexist or archaic. But I think 99.9% will see them for what they are: little kindnesses, courtesies, and signs that you care.

Young Muslim couple and child.3. Compliment what she’s wearing in an authentic way. Be specific. You might say, “I love how the green of that dress brings out the green in your eyes.” Or, “That dress really flatters your figure. You look so svelte.” Or, “That color makes your skin glow so beautifully.”

4. When you’re out to dinner together and share a dessert, let her eat most of it, and don’t make any comments about it.

5. Take care of your body and appearance. Exercise regularly. Quit smoking. Dress well. These things will make you more attractive to your wife, which naturally leads to more romance and a happier marriage.

6. Buy her flowers regularly. I know this is a cliche’, but I have a few original suggestions: First, flowers can be expensive, so find out where the wholesale flower market is in your city. You’ll find that flowers are much cheaper there, and they often sell to the public. Second, purchase different kinds of flowers each time. Buy your girl some of the odder varieties, and ask the seller something about them so you can share something interesting. Last, consider planting them in your own garden, so they won’t cost anything at all.

7. Give her a foot rub at the end of a long day. If she’s been wearing shoes all day and her feet are smelly, start out by washing them with a hot washcloth, then rubbing in some scented lotion. Then massage her feet nicely. This tells your wife that every part of her is important and beautiful to you. Plus, it feels amazing.

8. Ride the Ferris Wheel at the fair and make out at the very top.

9. Go into one of those coin-operated photo booths and make funny faces together at the camera. This one is cliched as well, but it’s still fun!

10. Cook together. Plan a special meal together and work together from beginning to end – shop together, and cook the meal together, and clean up together. Cooking alone can be a chore, but cooking together is fun.

Do you have any more ideas? Please share in the comments. And you should definitely check out:

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50 Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife

Muslim couple sitting close together

These ideas for romantic things to do for your wife were all suggested by real wives. Some are expensive, while others cost nothing at all.

No matter your budget, there’s always something you can do to make your wife feel special!

In no particular order:

  1. Take your wife on a drive to a place where the two of you can watch the sunset together. Make sure you hold her hand or put your arm around her.
  2. Give her a back rub or massage.
  3. Make her a handmade bookshelf (or buy it if you prefer, but making things by hand is always romantic). Fill it with books you know she will love – either books she already owns, or new books that you buy for her – and set it next to a snug loveseat sofa just for her. On the other side of the sofa put a small tea table. It will be her special place to relax when you’re not home (or when you’re watching the football game).
  4. Give your wife a gift when she least expects it, even if it’s something small.
  5. Surprise her with a dream vacation. Make all the arrangements (babysitters for the children, plane tickets, hotel reservations), so that all she has to do is pack a bag. Imagine how thrilling it would be to say to her, “Honey, pack your bag, we’re going to Paris tomorrow)… However I must add two caveats about this one: First, if she works, let her know about the trip well in advance so she can arrange time off from work. Secondly, know your wife’s personality. If she needs time to mentally prepare for new things, then plan the trip accordingly.
  6. Make her dinner and have it cooking in the oven when she gets home from work. If you don’t know how to cook, take a cooking class and learn!
  7. Bake her a favorite pie, or make her a cake and decorate with a message of love.
  8. Write her a poem.
  9. If you’re hopeless when it comes to writing poetry, hand-copy a famous love poem onto a card, and write, “This is what I would write for you if I had the words.”
  10. You can never go wrong with a hug.
  11. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her at an unexpected time, along with a love note.
  12. Write your wife a letter listing the things for which you feel grateful to her.
  13. Write a book and dedicated it to her.
  14. Write “I love you” on the bed in flower petals.
  15. Leave a small wrapped gift under her pillow – for example a piece of jewelry.
  16. Buy her a day at a spa where she can be pampered with a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure, etc.
  17. Dress her.
  18. Undress her.
  19. Brush her hair.
  20. Take her bungee-jumping or skydiving.Young Muslim couple sharing an umbrella.
  21. Whisper something loving in her ear when you’re in public.
  22. Blindfold her and kiss her all over her body.
  23. Look deeply into your wife’s eyes and tell her how beautiful she is to you.
  24. Put a love note in her pocket for her to find.
  25. Read to your wife.
  26. Pray with her.
  27. Sing to her.
  28. Dance with her.
  29. Write her a love letter and draw a flower on the envelope. Take your time and draw something really nice. If you can’t draw, trace it from a magazine photo.
  30. Let your wife sit on your lap.
  31. In winter, make love in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace.
  32. Carry your wife to bed.
  33. Call her from work during the day to tell her you love her (just be careful – if you’re calling her at her workplace, make sure that it’s not going to get her in trouble with her boss).
  34. Lie together in the backyard (or any secluded, peaceful place) and watch the stars.
  35. Take a bubble bath together.
  36. Kiss your wife lightly just below the ear, and then whisper, “I love you.”
  37. Buy her a ring. It doesn’t have to be an expensive ring, just something pretty in a style she would like.
  38. Speaking of buying gifts, pay attention to what she likes. When you’re out together and she sees something in a window and says, “Oh, that’s lovely,” make a mental note, and when you get home, write an actual note in a notebook do you don’t forget. On a special occasion, buy it for her.
  39. Go camping together in the woods or the mountains, just the two of you.
  40. If you’re on a business trip, call her often to chat (even if only for a few minutes) and tell her you miss her.
  41. Know that she needs time with her friends just like you do, and be nice to her friends (without being flirty of course).
  42. Learn from her, and let her know that you do.
  43. Make sacrifices for her.
  44. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages, including sign language.
  45. Defend her when someone says something unkind about her, no matter who it is.
  46. Go go the playground and swing on the swings as if you were still teenagers. Just remember to get up if a real kid wants the swing, ha ha.
  47. Exercise together. This can be great fun and is a good bonding experience.
  48. Go shopping for her, wash the dishes, clean the house (including the bathroom). Share the chores, and some days just do them all.
  49. Draw a picture for her of some pretty nature scene (it’s okay if you’re not artistically talented, just do your best) and write some sweet caption beneath, like, “You are as beautiful as a sunset. I love you.”
  50. Tell her every day what you love about her. Be specific and mention actual things that you appreciate about her.

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