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  • provides Aidilfitri Greetins and E-cards
  • - Free Eid-ul-Fitr E-card and greeting cards.
  • Faizan e Islam: news, Islamic articles, audio and video, and more.
  • Scriptures of the World: compare scriptures of 20 world religions.
  • Kasbah a database of travel resources around the world.
  • Free greeting cards and e-cards.
  • Online greeting cards for weddings, anniversary, engagement and other occasions.
  • Afghanistan Online: news, shopping, information, etc.
  • Parvez-Video: Islam & Qur'an Audio and Video lectures
  • AdUpdate Classifieds: buy and sell for free in many countries.
  • Parinay Bandhan: Indian Matrimonials, all religions included.
  • The Website of Islamic Center of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville.
  • The portal of Arabs, and Arab culture, cooking and Islam. In Italian, English and Arabic.
  • Islamic Books: Holy Quran, Authentic Islamic Books, colour coded Tajweed Quran and more.
  • The Best of India: Providing General India Information on India's Culture, India's People, Food India, Travel To India
  • an online Islamic store offering clothing, Islamic books, Arabic learning and other items.
  • among the largest bookstores in Lebanon and the Arab world; rare and ancient titles, pilgrim's books, religious books...
  • JEI Business Links: a directory of Muslim businesses in the USA.
  • Islamic Links Page: collection of Islamic links and resources.
  • Islam in mE . CjB . NeT: Islamic articles and photo gallery.
  • Young Muslims: a resource for Muslim youth.
  • Western Australian Islamic Network: a comprehensive guide for Australian Muslims, with Islamic information, masjid activities, halal shops, etc.
  • Islamic Penpals: hundreds of contacts around the world who wish to increase their knowledge of Islam and converse with others having the same intention.
  • diectory of Tamil and India related links and Please feel free to browse the site. Categorized in this site are Tamil and Indian Cinema, Songs, Phone info, chat, radio and more.
  • a major web resource for information on Self Improvement and Personal Development and Natural Health.
  • Islamic Directory - directory of Islamic links.

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