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May 2012

I don't update this page as often anymore since we introduced our new website a few years ago. But I thought I'd point out that the new matrimonials database has just been upgraded and improved, and now presents a better user experience than ever. Try it out!

July 2009

As-salamu alaykum. has just signed a deal with another internet company and we have some exciting things planned Insha'Allah. The Muslim matchmaking database will finally get the overhaul (actually a complete redesign and new software application) that it has been needing for so long, Alhamdulillah. Thank you to all our loyal members and readers over the years.

February 2009

I recently added a " blog" in which I sometimes write about the issues involved in running this website.

October 2006

Ramadan Mubarak to all our readers and members.

We have upgraded the Ask Bilqis page to allow comments from readers and easier submission of questions. Please see it it here:

I'm excited about the coming year as we have many upgrades and new features planned for the website Insha'Allah.

Stay tuned!

March 2006 Featured on PBS (USA Public Television)

It only came to our attention recently that was featured in a PBS program that aired in February of last year. The program interviewed a Muslim couple and a Jewish couple, all of whom had successfully met and married through internet matchmaking sites. In the case of the Muslim couple, they met through and now have a happy family alhamdulillah. We have reprinted the story here:

Religious Dating Online

July 2004 Featured in Al-Ahram Weekly

It's been a good summer for in the press, al-hamdulillah. Our site traffic for the first time exceeded one million page views in one week. And was mentioned extensively in a recent article in Al-Ahram Weekly, an English-language newspaper based in Egypt. The article has circulated and has even been translated into Indonesian. You can read it (in English) here:

Modern Khatba? Online matchmaking is finally catering to Arabs and Muslims around the world.

June 2004 Mentioned on Front Page of Washington Post

Wow! was featured prominently in a front page story in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post newspaper on Sunday, June 6, 2004. The story was picked up by the wire services and printed in many newspapers around the country. You can read the story by clicking here:

For Muslims, Courtship Enabled by the Internet

March 2004

We have made major improvements to our matrimonials database recently, including the introduction of a free membership, several easy payment plans for paid membership, and improvements to the appearance of the site. If you are interested in finding a good husband or wife, I encourage you to join.

April 2003

We are again publishing new stories in our Egyptian Tales column. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! In addition, Wael Abdelgawad recently spoke at the latest meeting of Muslim Gatherings, an event that brings together young single Muslim men and women in an Islamic environment. It was a very interesting event, with many Muslims of all backgrounds attending.

We've got a lot of things planned for our matrimonials service this year, Insha'Allah. All kinds of improvements and upgrades, so stay tuned.

October 2002

Wael Abdelgawad, the founder of, appeared on a radio show about online Muslim Matrimonials. The show is called Youth Talk and is broadcast by the Islamic Broadcasting Network ( If you'd like to listen to the show just go to IBN's website, choose the Youth Talk program, and look in the archives to see the show from October 23, 2002.

August 2002:

Dear readers, August has been a good month at, Alhamdulillah. We've had several success stories. We had two contributions of wedding photos, one set from Malaysia and another from Indonesia. And there have been so many great articles I can hardly keep up. Oh yes, and Azizah Magazine, a national magazine for Muslim women in the U.S., is doing a story on In addition, one of our readers told me that our site was featured on a middle eastern TV channel called Iqraa', and another reader told me that he read about in a Pakistani newspaper! I want to thank you, the readers. Please continue to visit our website and send your precious feedback so that we can serve you better.

October 2001:

Netsurfer Digest Covers

Netsurfer Digest, a popular internet newsletter with a readership of about 130,000, has covered in their latest edition. This is what they had to say:

Arab. Muslim. If those two words make you think immediately of the World Trade Center and Pentagon atrocities, you need to re-think things. There are millions of Muslims in the US alone, but non-Muslims may not know all that much about them. This site is generally geared toward Muslim discussions of marriage and family issues, and as such, it's a great way to get to know the culture. The description of the Bedouin marriage customs, for example, provides a glimpse behind the veil and kaffiyeh to the people themselves. Unfortunately, the recent atrocities have disrupted the flow of events here, as these good people are placed into the position of grieving on the one hand, but having to look over their shoulders on the other. Do stop by. Introduce yourself. We're all in this together.

Thank you, NSD, for your kind words. For those of you who just discovered our site through the Digest, we welcome you. We hope you enjoy our site and we are always happy to hear your thoughts.

April 2001 is featured in a story on, the premier website of the Arab world, published a story by Anayat Durrani titled, "Finding your soul mate on the Internet." This story discusses extensively. Read it by clicking here:,1690,Life|43834,00.html

February 2001: got a good mention in a story in the New Jersey Record:

For Muslims, Finding a Mate is a Family Matter
By Vera Lawlor, Staff Writer
Reprinted from the New Jersey Record Online

Year 2000 News: featured on cover of Q-News Magazine

We're pleased to announce that was featured on the cover of Q-News, the premier European Islamic magazine. Click the above link to see the cover.


Staff: was founded in 1997 by Wael Abdelgawad. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, as well as a da'wah organization. He is the President, Administrator and Editor of He is married and has one young daughter, Salma.

The "Islamic Answers" column was formerly written by Bilqis Hanifah. Bilqis was married for twenty six years, has six children from young to adult, is active in Muslim community life and works as a Library Associate at a university library. In addition, she has studied Quranic Therapy at the Quranic Open University. She wrote the Ask Bilqis column for many years, but has since retired. We are looking for a new writer, so if you are interested please email us.

The "Egyptian Tales" column contains articles by Shaden Mohamed and Youssuf El-Kalay. Shaden is in her early 20's. Of Egyptian background, she was born and bred in Sydney where she attained a degree in Media & Communications. Youssuf El-Kalay is a young Egyptian writer; you will find his stories of life in Egypt to be amusing and thought-provoking.

We are currently looking for a new author for the "Our Families" column. Every month this column discusses the problems and challenges facing Muslim families in the modern age. If you are interested, please let us know.

Shezena T. Mohammed, our youngest columnist, wrote our Teen Perspective column. She a Muslim teenager living in America and shares her unique viewpoints. She is busy with college now, so we are looking for a new writer for this column as well.


To contact any of the people below, type the email address into your email window:

Wael Abdelgawad, CEO:
Bilqis Hanifah, Columnist:
Shezena Mohammed, Columnist:
Youssuf El-Kalay, Columnist:
Shaden Mohamed, Columnist:
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