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Marriage in Islam

By Adil Salahi
From the Arab News

Subject Index
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight Editor's Note: This article has been on for some time, but people were having trouble viewing it because it was so large (it's a small book, really). In addition, we had only part of the book, not al of it. We now have the complete book, and I have broken it down into eight separate sections, organized chronologically (according their appearance in the Arab News) rather than by subject.


Part One:

Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh)Last Sermon
Conditions of marriage
The Dower and when to pay it
Fixing of dower
Marriage without dowry
Paying dowries to husbands a shameful sin
The dowry system in Indian Subcontinent

Part Two:

Marriage commitment and offering Istikharah
Marriage at an early age
Delaying Marriage
Marriage and parents' consent
Marriage: A girl's dilemma in the absence of parental consent
Marriages that are forbidden
Mit'ah Marriage

Part Three:

Must a wife serve her husband?
The rights of husband and wife
Woman's responsibilities
When local customs are in conflict with Islamic teachings
Promises that cannot be fulfilled
To get married to an outsider
Marriage away from home

Part Four:

Second Marriage
Unfaithful wife
Getting married to someone who is far away
Martial Relations in periods
Marrying sister of former wife
Marriage between kin
Marriage of close relatives

Part Five:

Marriage with first cousins: rulings without basis
Unacceptable marriage offer
Validity of Marriage
A marriage that is against Islamic teachings
A marriage that is questionable
Marriage to a non Muslim
Privacy in martial life

Part Six:

A marriage that can never be
Inter faith marriages
Converting ones non Muslim wife
Invalid Marriage
Is this marriage Valid?
Inter faith marriages
Love Marriage

Part Seven:

Which woman to marry?
Marriage with a Christian
Marriage with a prospective convert
Where to marry a non-Muslim
Martial relations in the period
Marriage in the waiting period unacceptable
Confusion about the validity of the marriage

Part Eight:

Why not allow polyandry?
Dimension of love misunderstood
Polygamy and being fair to man and woman
Marriage and a heavy burden of expenditure
Wrong advice on marriage
Education and Marriage


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