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You have a great site. Keep up the good work

-Y Hadidi, creator and webmaster of the "Arabic Links" website.

I have found someone, thanks to the ad you allowed me to place on your website.. I shall indeed keep you posted.. :) ..thank you for all your help.. your website is fantastic!!


I am deeply impressed with your hard work and can appreciate your efforts and shortcomings if any. I myself have daughters actively involved in MSA and other Islamic activities so I can appreciate all the more your sincere efforts. (If ever you need help in anything pls. feel free to contact me....) - I run my own home-based business so I can appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this institution.


Thank you for the Web site for those looking for mates.


Thank you for the great job you are doing for the Muslim people all around the world.


As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ! Peace and the blessings of
Allah and His mercy are showered upon you! This is a specific request to
remove my ad from the male section of your matrimonial ads. By Almighty Allah's grace, I have found my future life-partner. We spoke for approximately 2 months and feel very comfortable with one another and the rapport and communication is exceptional.

I would like to thank you for this great work because at present there is no other way that we can find quality-minded, adult, professional Muslims. This avenue when properly used saves us from a lot of troubles and difficulties, removes the middle-person (introducer) who might have some vested interests and gives a chance for the people directly involved to get to know each another. If at all, things aren't what we are looking for, it makes it easier to say, "No, thanks!" I would appreciate it if you can post this letter so that those brothers and sisters who have only heard wrong things or depressing facts about internet matrimonials can see at least one truly successful story.

Alhamdullilah, I have met the lady and spent a few days with her relatives and friends and got several opportunities for detailed discussions about future life, realistic expectations and dreams and aspirations! Everything was at a slow and steady pace ..... There was no rush, deadline to meet or dates to keep! If only more friends of ours who are patiently searching locally would resort to finding their future life-partner thorough your columns, their choice would be larger and communication would be easier!

I wish you all more tremendous success in the hitherto uncharted field of Muslim matrimony and matchmaking! Allah bless you and guide you to higher goals of perfection! Jazak Allahu Khair !

I remain yours truly,
-Dr. Muhammad Ayub

Dear Sir,

I have seen your web site on internet. It is very nice and most helpful for those who want to find a Muslim life partner, especially for foreigners because we are also working in the Gulf, and when we are go home on vacation there is no time to find a suitable life partner. so it is most helpful.


jazak allah khairan for your reply and your effort you do for the muslims in this site i ask God to put that in your good deeds in the hereafter amin ya rab



-Robert Cloutier

Brother Wael thanks for posting my ad this is nice. I have already
received two hits, one from malaysia and the other one from UK.
I'll keep you posted on my progress...
jazak Allah khairan

-Abdussalam Sipes, Chicago

Alhumdulillah, I have just gotten married on Sunday, and would like my
ad removed from your site. As well please pray for my wife and I, insha Allah.

Take Care,
Was-Salaamu 'Alaykum,
Your Brother in Islam,

-AbdusSalam Sipes


This is unbelievable...a true story. Allah helped me to find the most wonderful, beautiful, sensitive, kind, nice girl. And because of your advertising that helps nice Muslim people to meet and get married and Alhamdulillah I met my wife from And we were married on 23rd of January, and she is an American revert to Islam. We are so happy this happened for us and we just wanted to thank you very much for your service and help!



Great thanks for your kind help regarding my ad on your web-site. I pray to Allah that May he grant you prosperity, bounty, zenith and anything you like. (Inshallah)

Let me close with best wishes, regards, respect and Wassalam, I remain Yours sincerely

-Ali Khan

May God help you in your work. As a recent graduate in communication and advertising, I can say that you're presenting the best of the marriage sites (as we know them). Keep up the blessed work, and you'll help milions of Muslims to meet their future Muslim partner.
Assalmo alaikom.

-Bouchaib HANINE.
EL JADIDA, Morocco.

alsalam alikum
Alhamdulillah I found my life long partner (ad no. 2 )

-abdulrhman joundi

Assalamu aleikum
I just want tothank you for posting my ad.
Jazaka Allah khair, you do very good job, Allah will reward you

-Sharif Bukhari, Sweden

I was happy to "stumble" upon your website. As a modern yet God-fearing
and religion-loving, working woman, I have not had the opportunity to meet
many Muslims in my country who are "suitable" (if u understand me).

Although the number of Muslims in my country are many, there are a great
number who do not appreciate or respect the religion sufficiently for me
to consider them as life partners. I hope your wonderful service will
bring happiness to those who use it.
May you be blessed by Allah s.w.t. for your work.

-Firadamha, Singapore

Respected Wael AbdelGawad,

Assalaamualaikum. Happy new year and Ramadan's
Barakah. Infinite sukria to Allah that He has sent me most generously a
friend/brother like you. You have done right for me and my friend.

I haven't yet known about you, your native land and ..... Would you please
inform me about you ?

-Didarul Mawla.




Thank you for helping Muslim people.

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