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These are only a few of the recent success stories we have received:

I am married now and thank you for your wonderful services.

Mohcine Karami

Dear Wael,

I have attached a couple of pictures for you. Again, Attique and I are deeply indebted to you for providing this service. We also believe that God intended for us to meet, marry and share a life full of love, hope and laughter. My husband is the most gentle, beautiful man I have ever known.


I just wanted to share my good news with you that I was married to the most wonderful man on August 7th in Pakistan. After establishing a wonderful relationship with him, we decided to marry. So, this American Christian woman married a wonderful Pakistani Muslim. We intend to prove to the world that different cultures and religion can find a way to love and accept each other. We thank you for this service and know without it we wouldn't have found each other. We are truly grateful.

Angela and Attique Rehman


Please remove my profile from your valuable website which gives me full help in the search of my life partner and Alhamdolillah I got my life partner and get married in the month of April.

I am again thankful all of you people.


Khalid Saeed Ansari

As salaamu alaikum,

Alhamdulilah and thank you for your congratulations of my marriage with my husband Thami Chabab. I would like to share with you and other Muslims that are looking for their soulmate our experience, inshaAllah.

My name is now Maryam Chabab and my husband's name is Thami Chabab. Thami and I first met by way of, alhamdulilah. My husband and I corresponded for 2 years before we met in person.

I commuted with my daughter, son and son-in-law to New York on December 10th, 2003. We boarded a flight for Casablanca Morocco at 7pm that evening and we arrived in Casablanca Morocco on December 11th, 2003 at 8am in the morning, alhamdulilah.

My husband Thami and his sister Khadijah were waiting there at airport when we arrived, they gave my family and I very friendly and warm salaams. We then left the airport by way of car and arrived at my husband's city called Khemisset about 3 hours later, alhamdulilah. Thami's family was so friendly, warm and kind, it made me feel so comfortable and at ease immediately, alhamdulilah. Thami's family prepared so many delicious foods for us to eat, alhamdulilah.

Our nikah took place on December 31, 2003. Our walimah was held at Thami's Aunt Zaynab's home. Everything went so good for Thami and I that blessed day, alhamdulilah.

May Allah(SWT) always bless for helping Thami and I to have this blessed and eternal union of marriage.

Wassalaam Thami, Maryam Chabab

PS. I am sending pictures of our walimah in the email following this email.

Assalamu alaikum Wael,

Thanks for this site, the best site for marriage. Elhamdu lilah I found my soulmate and thanks for caring about us.

Sister; Iman

I just want to tell you that I love your website and it's the website that I met my husband Allhamdullillah. We got married last year. He converted to Islam 6 years ago.


As salaamu alaykum,

Once again we are so grateful to have sites such as yours... It's been over a year and a half and Shareef and I are still married and we have been blessed with a new son ABDUL-HAFEEDTH IBN SHAREEF KHALFANI. I would like to send an updated photo featuring our son very soon inshaAllah... once again may Allah s.w.t. give tawfeeq to all the sincere Muslimeen searching for their soulmates.

Sister Karimah, was salaamu alaykum

Essalamou aleikoum, Dear sir or madam,

Alhamdoulilah I will get maried soon inchaa Allah. I appreciated all the efforts they offer through this web site. Good luck all the family for

Nabil Dadou

As salaam alaikum,

All over the world internet based marriages are the norm. But I notice that among the Muslims there is a lot of reluctance about this medium. I am from India and have just found my ideal match. Though it took a while for me to locate him from the huge volume of names and descriptions, ultimately what matters is the compatibility. My parents were all along with me in my decision to wait for the right person. They even sat with me on the net when I surfed and replied to
messages. I think it is very important for Muslim girls and boys to understand that they should live with the times, especially if they are educated. However, I wonder why people are against the idea of finding your husband or wife on the internet? Any replies?

Sister in faith, Anisa

As salaam alaikum,

Alhumdulilah I found my Muslim husband from the internet Islamic marriage sites. I am African american Muslim revert and he is Somali born and raised in Eygpt alhumdulilah. I am grateful to Allah for this brother and his family has accepted me and my 4 children from a previous marriage! I have already been married to him for 5 months, almost 6 months mashallah. At the present time we are waiting for my husband's mom, dad, and sister, to come from Eygpt to U.S and they were already approved to come here before they knew of me, alhumdulilah. His family and him accepted me and my 4 children from a previous marriage with OPEN ARMS!! We have gained a Muslim family who practice Islam, and they in turned gained a good Muslim wife for their son, daughter in law, and sister in law.

To all sisters!! You can find a husband, do not let race, how many children you have stop you, it can be done. And may I ALSO say my husband was NEVER married before he married me. So mashallah this brother took on me and 4 children, whom he and the family loves dearly! As salaam alaikum.

Saajidah Mahmood

Salam, please delete my ad. The service was excellent and I found my husband. Thanks a lot for your support and help.


Miss Z.


I am no longer subscribing, since I have now married. While I did meet a number of very good candidates through your service, by chance I found my wife through another service.

Thanks. Jazakallahu khayran. Keep up the good work.



Alhamdulillah wa syukrulillah... after the big difficulties to search and find a partner of life, Allah SWT have showed me the way throgh your service. I'm a Muslimah from Indonesia and now were married with a Muslim from France last October. We have finally be in one family and insyaAllah we are expecting for a child soon. I really thank you for the way in finding the easy and InsyaAllah our adventure will be the example for the Muslim and Muslimah around this world... Must be notice that "Allah will guide a good woman for a good man" and if we give the best trust to Allah, what will be difficult will turn to be easy. And also please remove my ad from the sytem and again thank you for your help over the years...


Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

Alhamdulillah my wife Hennah and I were married in December. Thank you for your help over the years! InshaAllah I'll write a poem to complete my previous poem which you have already posted! Wassalam.


Asalam alaikum Zawaj,

I placed an add about a year ago and hamdulillah I met someone through and I am now married. Masalama.

Dom Hussain Huntman

Dear Sir,

I would like to congratulate you for this instructive website. I found my soulmate and I am engaged now.

Thank you,


Assalam wa alaikum dear brother Wael,

Last year I replied to one ad that would probably change the rest of my life (if it hasn't already for the better). I had been using your service (a couple times) while in California and was not having enormous success so figured I would try one last time for a nice Muslim woman in New York, where I grew up. Alhamdillah I met her and have fallen in love. So far things are fine, while I would like to prepare myself for marriage only a few issues have come up. She is from a great family, very beautiful of course mashallah, has a great personality and a very warm heart. Without your service I might have never met the woman of my dreams. I am truly thankful to you for your service. Naturally, a year later I am not in the position I would like to be in, but Inshallah Allah has a plan. She is definitely the woman I would like to marry and we truly love each other, Inshallah if it is our destiny (as it has been to meet through Allah will keep us together. Now if I can only find someone for my sister Inshalllah...



Thanks to Allah and to your site, I met a very good brother and married him last July. Thank you very much. Happy Ramadan, wa ssalamu alaikum wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuhu.


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