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I want to delete my ad. I have successfully found my wife with your help.

Hossam A.

assalamu aleikum brother,

jazakallah khair, for this site.

you've provided a tool for the muslimat to complete their deen in a halal
way, ma sha Allah.

assalamu aleikum
Lynda M.

Bismillahi Ar Rahman Ar Raheem.

As Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatu,

To Whom it may concern.

May ALLAH SWT bless you for your efforts. Please could you remove my ad. Make Du'a for myself and My husband to be In Sha ALLAH.

As salam alaykum

Your sister in islam, H. Attieh

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your service, you have to know that all we
subscribers are really proud of it!!!!


I wish to thank you most sincerely for helping me in my search for a
good muslim to share my life with. I'm writing to you to ask that you please discontinue posting my ad, as I believe I have found the one Allah has intended for me. And I have not only gained a good man who has proposed but by accepting him, I gain a good muslim family that I don't have here in the states.

I will keep you always in my prayers, and may Allah bless you for the
good you do with this web site. Allah hafiz



I'm writing this message to inform you that I have found the good muslim
sister I was looking for and we are going to marry in a short period of
time, al-hamdulillah. So, please, remove my ad and receive my congratulations. Thank you very much for your support.

Wa Salam...
Abu Bak'r

Sallam Brother or Sister,

I appreciate you allowing me to put an add on your site. I, however, now
found a good spouse. Actually it was the young women who emailed you for my email address. I am asking that you please (Inshallah) take the add off of the site. Thank you.

Sincerely, Murad

Assalamo Alaikum,

I just wanted to let the brains behind this site know that it is a act of God that you have created this site. I found my husband on a similiar site like this, also a matrimonial site for muslims. I can't tell you how much of a blessing my husband is, all because of a site like this. Don't let this site ever go out of existence. People have a hard time believing that you could find your soulmate like this , but it is possible so do not give up for those who have not found that partner. Allah is the one that knows
what he has in store for you and he will be there when you have found that someone. And for those wondering why I foudn this one, I always out of curiosity come back and see what is out their for friends and family of mine that think it is not possible.

Keep on being who you are, for when your mate comes looking he will not miss the real you he was looking for.


Salamu alaykum staff,

I have found someone that I want to marry insha Allah, ... may Allah increase you in reward. Ameen. Thank you for your service.


Sallam Brother,

I appreciate you allowing me to put an add on your site. I have now found a good spouse. Actually it was the young women who emailed you for my email address... I am asking that you please (Inshallah) take
the add off of the site. Thank you.

Sincerly, Murad

I found the woman I want to marry. May Allah bless you for your service.


Dear Wael,

Please take my ad off the women ads, it is # w130. I got some good responses and that is enough for now till Allah helps me make up my mind about these men. Thank you for your support for all the Muslims.


I wish to inform you as I am now in contact with someone in particular and alhamdulillah in the process knowing him, I do hope you would delete my particulars in your ad.

Once again, thank you so much for your concern and May Allah bless you in all your efforts for the muslim Ummah.

Jazakumullahu khairan katiiran, Wassalam.


Could you please remove my matrimonial ad? I have my future husband, Insha'Allah.


Thank you for posting our daughter's matrimonial. We have received some responses and are in the process of contacting these persons. We will let you know when something is finalized. May Allah bless you for running a great service.

-Mrs. T. S.

Dear Wael,

Thank you for your web site.


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