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I just wanted to say thank u for having such a wonderful site. My niece brought my attention to it and changed my life. It's going to be a year in November since I've started to wear a hijaab. I was 16 when I read some things from your site and it helped me change my perspective. Inshallah I will become better at being a Muslim. May Allah bless you with the best of things.


Salam Alaikum,

The service given is too good, lots of service oriented tips to be learnt from your company.


Asalamo Alikom,

First, I want to thank you for helping men and woman to find their soulmate, exactly, now i'm very happy because through your I found my soulmate and we are very compatible. We project to be married Incha'Allah very soon. Thank you again.

Allah maa'ak,

Nadia H.

Assalamu Alykum,

It’s been six glorious months since I married via your precious site. I couldn’t ask more for the woman I married. May Allah (SWT) shower you with delight; I cannot thank you enough for being the cause in the drastic turn around of my life.

The message to my single sisters and brothers is, keep your faith in the Creator and Sustainer and step up the hunt. It works and is so beautiful!


Assalamu Alaykum,

I met and married my husband through your matrimonial services. We started corresponding in May 2001, and were married in July 2001. We have been happily married for a year now. We would not have met if it wasn't for your service. It is truly a good way to meet a prospective mate. May Allah reward you for all your efforts. Keep up the good work.

S.H. Mustafa

Dear brother: assalamu alaikum:

I would like to announce some good news, that I found my soulmate. Alhamdulellah we got married two months ago after corresponding for some time, with an honest and open mind within our Islamic principles.

I would like to thank you for your good service and wish my muslim brothers and sisters good luck in their search for their parteners.

May God bless you.
Your sister in Islam
W. Helmy


I am pleased to inform you that I am planning to marry in USA through the service. I am going to get married to a Christian girl and I am a muslim, she is in Oklahoma, USA.

Please inform me from beginning of the lawful marriage to the end of marriage, what are the documents that need to be made to confirm an official marriage, I mean a complete marriage. Thank you so much for your earliest attention and cooperation,

J. M. Haziq

Assalamu alaikum,

I have found a muslim sister through to marry and happyiy married now alhamdulillah, and this is just a thanking message for you to inform that one more couple is happy thanks to you anymore.

I have just deleted my Ad as I do not need it anymore. If you want we can email you our wedding pix so that you can advert on your page to show that web site really works...


Assalamualaykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Alhamdulilla I have found my soulmate in lfe thru your service. I saw her ad and responded, we emailed each for a couple of months, then I wentto Morocco to meet her family and get her fathers blessings for marriage.Her family is very good Masha'Allah and her father is very strong in Deen Alhamdulilla.

Alhamdulilla things went very well Alhamdulilla, now I will Insha'Allah apply for a visa for her and bring her here Insha'Allah.My Allah bless you for providing this service.

Barak'Allah fik

Ali Mujahid

Salaam Aliekum

I had placed an ad on your site and mashallah I have received a lot of
responses. I am happy to say I have found the man I wish to marry, and we will get married next year inshallah may God bless you with many more success stories for this site is an excellent one.

Jazak Allah kheiran
Sister N.A. in Ohio

Assalamu Alaikum

I wish to thank you all for your kind and great valuable service and I want you to know because of your site, Allah has blessed me with my wife. We got married last month.

Your brother in Islam
Ahmed Emam


Hallo, Thanks for giving me the chance to put my ad here, I think I've found Mr. Right and now I want my ad to be deleted, my ad number is 1890. Thanks again zawaj.

Wassalam, Eeny


Thanks a lot anyway... and just to let you know that i am in the process of
getting married to someone whom i met of your website... keep up the good work.. Allahuakbar!!


First off, I am thankful to Allah that Muslims and Muslimahs can find a site where they don't have to pay to find a spouse. I put my ad in September I think and in mid November, I proposed to a lovely lady who found my ad on your site. She is so lovely and beautiful and kind. A perfect match. Insha Allah things will do well between us and may Allah reward you and help all of the brothers and sisters find a spouse.

Assalamu Alaykum, Salmaan Sponburg

Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu wa Ramadan Mubarak,

Thank you for you reply, the site has been successful for me, and jazakallah khair for that. I recieved several replies quickly and closed my ad so as to best reply to those I had recieved, Then by the endless favours of Allah Almighty I was granted a beautiful lady who captured my heart most unexpectedly, and I we hope to be married in the near future InshaAllah. This was able to happen because of the ease of using your site which I connected by a link from the-heart.

Best wishes wa salaams JSP,

Assalamu Alaykum. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I met my lovely fiancee on your site. May Allah bless this site and help all the brothers and sisters out there to find the one Allah has meant for them.



This is my ad I posted a few days back. I write to inform you that, Praise Allah, I have now found the lady I will marry, Inshallah. Therefor I now ask that my ad be removed as it is no longer needed.

May I also ask Allah to Bless your work and thank you for the service you provide.

Assalam alaykum all... Joseph Abd r Raheem Springthorpe

Assalamu aleikom,

I want to inform You that I have been happily and successfully married through e-mail contact from your site. I am most grateful to Allah, most High.

Thank you so much, sincerely,

Mariam Olofsson, Sweden

I ve found my match, thanks to the beautiful and helping site of

Iqbal Zafar

Assalamu'alaikum wrwb

Dear Admin,

I found my future husband through your site. Alhamdulillah, we plan to get married on 2002, insya Allah all will be fine. I would like to thank you for your kindness. And also to delete my ad from this site.

For your attention and kindness, Jazakallahu khairan katsiroon. Wassalam

Sister Labiibah

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