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Keep your faith

I have received many messages like this. I am only reprinting a few of them here:

Assalamu Alykum,

It’s been six glorious months since I married via your precious site. I couldn’t ask more for the woman I married. May Allah (SWT) shower you with delight; I cannot thank you enough for being the cause in the drastic turn around of my life.

The message to my single sisters and brothers is, keep your faith in the Creator and Sustainer and step up the hunt. It works and is so beautiful!

– Nasser

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I found my soulmate

I love to receive letters like this one from sister Nadia.

Assalamo Alaykum. First, I want to thank you for helping men and woman to find their soulmates. Now i’m very happy because through, I found my soulmate and we are very compatible. We project to be married InchaAllah very soon, and I would like to know how can I delete my profile, please, thank you again, Allah ma’ak.
-Nadia H.

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Married for five years through

A letter I received that really touched me and made me feel that this website is important and worthwhile:

Assalamm alaikum wr. wb.
Dear Br. Wael,

This is Emad-ud-deen L… A bit over 5 years ago I used and found my wife on your site. I traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia and a short time aftwards we were married. Alhamdulilah I am announcing that we are now married for 5 years today! Sometime soon inshAllah, I wish to send pictures of our family. We have a son 2 years of age and another expected inshAllah by the end of January.

Wasalam, Emad.

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Found a nice Muslim lady

A nice message I received:

Dear Mr. Abdelgawad; Thank you for the effort to help us Arabs and Muslims to find our partners. At first I thought it might be a waste of time, but I was wrong, it did help me find a nice muslim lady. Thank you.

– Mohamad

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Happily married now Alhamdulillah

(And they did send their wedding pics later 🙂 )

Assalamu alaikum. I have found a muslim sister throught to marry and am happily married now alhamdulillah, and this is just a thanking message for you to inform that one more couple is happy thanks to you. I have just deleted my ad as I do not need it anymore. If you want we can email you our wedding pix so that you can advert on your page to show that your web site really works… was’salaam, Merih A.

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Thank you for your good service

A letter I received:

Dear brother: assalamu alaikum. I would like to announce some good news, that I found my soulmate. Alhamdulellah we got married two months ago after corresponding for some time, with an honest and open mind within our Islamic principles.

I would like to thank you for your good service and wish my Muslim brothers and sisters good luck in their search for their partners. May God bless you.

Your sister in Islam, W. Helmy, Canada

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Found my soulmate in life thru your service

Congratulations to brother Ali who sent me this letter:

Assalamualaykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Alhamdulilla I have found my soulmate in life thru your service. I saw her ad and responded, we emailed each for a couple of months, then I went to Morocco to meet her family and get her father’s blessings for marriage. Her family is very good Masha’Allah and her father is very strong in Deen Alhamdulilla. Alhamdulilla things went very well. Now I will Insha’Allah apply for a visa for her and bring her here. May Allah bless you for providing this service. Barak’Allah fik. – Ali M.

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