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Many sites already exist which provide a comprehensive list of Islamic links, so I didn’t attempt to repeat their efforts. Instead I chose only a few selected sites that I have found to be useful or interesting. I have also written a brief review of each site. However, please note that I am not responsible for their content in any way. In particular is not a politically oriented site, so I do not endorse anyone’s political views:

  • find jobs with an Islamic environment.
  • Muslim teenager’s thoughts and experiences.
  • Islamic marriage and family advice.
  • inspirational Islamic articles about hope, forgiveness and following your dreams.
  • Islamic banking and finance blog.
  • Islamic Reciprocal Links: Islamic Reciprocal Links, Muslim Banners, free Islamic banner exchange and online web advertising.
  • Learn Arabic Online – Comprehensive online courses in classical Arabic and the Islamic sciences aimed at English speakers –
  • Welcome Back to Islam – an excellent resource for new Muslims.
  • – home page of the famous Turkish Muslim writer Harun Yahya, whose articles, books and documentaries cover subjects such as Miracles of the Quran, Creation of the Universe, and many other topics.
  • IslamiCity – the grand-daddy of Islamic portal sites. IslamiCity gets more visitors than any other Islamic site on the web.
  • – articles, audio, and tons of great Islamic knowledge, all based upon the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah.
  • Crescent Magazine – online version of Crescent International, the newspaper of the Islamic movement. The perspective is harsh but interesting.
  • – Sister Huma’s famous site. Too many great features to list, including her famous “mamalist,” a massive list of Islamic links. Huma was the pioneer of Islamic links and it shows.
  • Soundvision – Islamic products and good articles on modern topics. Definitely the most professional of the Muslim e-commerce sites.
  • Muttaqun Online – lots of Islamic knowledge.
  • The True Religion – a website to teach non-Muslims about Islam. Over 200 easy-to-understand documents.
  • – Khalil Bendib’s fabulous political cartoons.
  • Muslim Directory – a good directory of Islamic sites. Based in the UK.
  • Talk Islam – An excellent collection of categorized Islamic links. Definitely worth a visit. Plus, we love their review of!
  • – an Islamic news and information site.
  • – audio lectures and Qur’an recitations, not to mention loads of articles.
  • Islamic Finder – an Islamic directory and other online Islamic tools.
  • The Muslim News – up-to-date news from around the Muslim world.
  • Light Upon Light – excellent resource with free Islamic nasheeds, videos, software all available for download.

We have listed only sites which we feel provide useful or interesting information. However, is not responsible for the content of any of the above listed sites, nor do we necessarily endorse anything that appears on these sites.


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