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My husband has a porn addiction (15)

Our whole life together he lead this double life… he would stay up at night saying he’s working he would turn me away all because he was addicted to porn…

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Am I going to hell… (13)

for losing my virginity before marriage and if I marry someone who isn’t my religion?

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I wish to convert and do nikah with a Vietnamese girl (2)

My parents said they would never accept her being 10 years old than me and having dated other men in her life.

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Will Allah let me be with my ex in Paradise? (8)

For Allah’s sake I give my husband happiness. If I become a good wife in this world will I be able to be with person I loved in paradise if Allah permits?

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I am engaged and I don’t know what to do (8)

Every now and then he becomes a bit pessimistic – like he says to me let’s not get married as he prefers single life.

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

Amulets and the evil eye (11)

I just want to know the exact situation that what is happening in my house and with my family. Is my family suffering from black magic? And who has done this?


Unmarried at 29. How to deal with the societal pressure and resentment? (17)

I’d like to know how one can deal with the pressure and social anxiety about being unmarried in the late 20s while everyone around them gets hitched.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

How should I guide my friend? (3)

She is dating a guy and even though she knows its wrong she cant sort of control herself from not doing so.

Forced Marriage»

I don’t have feelings for my husband (5)

I’m dealing with depression, I sleep with tears in my eyes overnight, I smoke, I cut myself, nothing makes me happy…

Secret Marriages»

2 weeks pregnant (12)

I told him I can’t abort. I’ve done so once before in the past and I repented and till this day it haunts me no matter the reasons i did for it to be done.