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Want to become Ismaili Muslim to pay back my loans (0)

I want to become ismaili muslim because i want money to pay back my loans and again start my business.

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Masturbation and its Alternatives; Is Ghusl Necessary? (308)

I am a girl having problem of masturbation. I found it unintentionally and I have been so addicted. Previously, I didn’t know that it is not permissible to masturbate so i just did it but after I came to know that this act is not permissible in Islam, I really want to stop. I also feel very guilty, dirty and low just every I did it.

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I had a dream I got married to someone besides my husband (26)

May 7, 2012 • Category: Confusion, Dreams, Islamic Answers 2012, No Love

I had a dream lastnight that I got married to someone else and I was very happy and was in love.

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Drunken husband having an affair, I have no money to leave (4)

I am married 10 years to a man having an illegal affair with a Christian nurse working in Dubai. He is also a chain drunk. He spends all his money for her happiness.

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My cousins are astray…how do I advise them? (2)

It turns out that my cousin is dating this drunkard, drug addict guy, and that she even plans to marry him as soon as possible…she doesn’t even want to continue with her studies!

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Getting pressured to marry someone I hate, I want to die (4)

I recently turned 18. I am being pressured to marry a first cousin who I hate because he bullied me all through my childhood. I want to die now because I feel like I would be eventually forced to say yes.

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My Mother-in-law has no respect for boundaries! (1)

My mother in law came out of the house screaming and shouting in the street, telling me all the bad things my husband had done in his life. She then decided to call the police on my husband…she must have claimed he was being violent or something to get them to attend.

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I wanted to overlook his bad past (4)

I wasn’t planning on judging him for mistakes he made in the past, but when I started to get to know him better, I realized that he wasn’t really the person I thought he was when I first met him. I still decided that I wanted to be with him in hope that he’d change.

Secret Marriages»

I don’t have a Wali and my mother is haunted by Jinns (2)

We want to get nikkah without telling our parents. And when he has a career after his degree), then we would approach our parents for a proper marriage.


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