Islamic marriage advice and family advice

I like him but am I making the right decision? (14)

If I agree to this marriage am I agreeing to a controlling husband?

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Can I breastfeed my 14 year old son? (16)

He has begged for breastfeed. What to do?

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Heartbroken and depressed. (3)

I do not know what to do any longer… I just want to continue being friends with her.

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Is my relationship with my brother in law is halal or haram (5)

He is younger than me and unmarried. We are like best friends but we never touched each other intentionally.

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Regret after rejecting marriages proposal (3)

i now don’t know what to do and I don’t think my mum can go back to the family. Should I consider contacting him?

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

This marriage is a nightmare (13)

My marriage from day one has had more downs than ups, i feel like im in a nightmare, i want this marriage to end.


Can Allah forgive suicide ? (5)

I know I should not be writing that question down . I know I should not even be considering killing myself . I know some people has it way worse than me . But still everyday feel worse than the past day.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

Arrogant Parents (2)

My Hindu girlfriend is ready to convert but her family have started torturing her… She wants to suicide as she can’t bear it.

Forced Marriage»

Forced marriage (6)

I don’t want to marry my fiance. But my father will never break my engagement becaue of his reputation in the society and his ego.

In-Laws Problems»

My husband doesn’t respect my parents (2)

He doesn’t like it if I go out of my way to help my family…. I really need to find a way out of this.

interracial marriage»

Secret Marriage Maybe? (5)

I am Muslim sister who has married a recent Muslim revert but I am scared and worried that I may have done things wrong…


Sexually Abuse By My Own Family (7)

I just better be off dead and no one will miss me. I just want to die as good Muslim women but I can’t do so if i keep doing what I’m doing now.

Secret Marriages»

My parents want me to have an arranged marriage (8)

I don’t understand – All the life our parents taught us not to speak to strangers and suddenly they make us marry them… It’s like a suicide decision for me.