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My wife wants to kill me (2)

Allah is not listening to me! I feel my wife took insurance on my name to kill me and take money. I don’t know what to do.

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Wazifa needed to make him come back (1)

He still loves me – I don’t know what made him leave me. Has the girl, his fiancee, done something? Like black magic or a wazifa?

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Zina (0)

I have committed zina and even worse I found out that she was a transgender.

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Depression is coming back. (2)

I never talked about this to anyone so I kinda feel alone. I am starting to just feel like giving up.

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Divorce in case of invalid marriage in Islam and remarry the same person. (0)

My parents won’t accept the marriage without giving divorce to him because according to shareah it is invalid.

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

Amulets and the evil eye (11)

I just want to know the exact situation that what is happening in my house and with my family. Is my family suffering from black magic? And who has done this?

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

Will Allah forgive me for having sex… I did not want to lose it when I did… (6)

A man forced himself on me… Now I have a boyfriend but we have a sexual relationship.

Forced Marriage»

I don’t have feelings for my husband (5)

I’m dealing with depression, I sleep with tears in my eyes overnight, I smoke, I cut myself, nothing makes me happy…

In-Laws Problems»

My husband’s family have taken my baby away (5)

The only time I saw my baby was when I was breast-feeding. My mother in law demands for my daughter to call her “mum”.


My husband has a porn addiction (19)

Our whole life together he lead this double life… he would stay up at night saying he’s working he would turn me away all because he was addicted to porn…

Secret Marriages»

2 weeks pregnant (14)

I told him I can’t abort. I’ve done so once before in the past and I repented and till this day it haunts me no matter the reasons i did for it to be done.