Islamic marriage advice and family advice

I need help with this problem (waswas) (4)

Please help I am very depressed and just wish I would die.

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To get nikah quickly (3)

What should I do? I really want this nikah with him.

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I am miserable in my marriage (11)

My husband is very abusive. I wanted to talk to an imam but he does not let me go anywhere on my own.

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Should I marry now or continue study? (2)

Should I just give up on marriage and complete my PHD, or leave everything else and try to get married?

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

This marriage is a nightmare (13)

My marriage from day one has had more downs than ups, i feel like im in a nightmare, i want this marriage to end.


Depressed – My mom is having an online affair (6)

All I really need is some help. I’m totally broken and sometimes I fear that I might do something crazy, kill myself maybe but I have a sister who’s just 8 yrs and just like a daughter to me.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

How do I attain freedom without losing my contact with my parents? (11)

I want to live in a world where I am happy wearing the clothes I want, being with the guy I want and seeing my friends and socializing when I want.

In-Laws Problems»

Recently married and feel like a slave to in-laws (12)

I told my husband I want to work after marriage and he agreed, but his family want me to be the family cook. And the father-in-law monitors my movements constantly.

interracial marriage»

Secret Marriage Maybe? (6)

I am Muslim sister who has married a recent Muslim revert but I am scared and worried that I may have done things wrong…


Sexually Abuse By My Own Family (7)

I just better be off dead and no one will miss me. I just want to die as good Muslim women but I can’t do so if i keep doing what I’m doing now.