Islamic marriage advice and family advice

Is praying to Allah for marrying the person I want Haram? (7)

I got into this relationship thinking we would have a future, but he does not seem to be that interested in me.

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How do I get out of this? (11)

It’s just 2 and a half months that we have broken up, but he is happy now MashaAllah. I pray for his happiness but I still cannot stop thinking about him.

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Father is betraying (4)

He is physically and emotionally abusing me and my family is not supporting me.

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Need help to stop husband’s repeated infidelity (14)

My parents opinion is to stay silently – at least the child will get father’s name. But I am not able to live with this person.

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Praying to Allah to marry a girl (4)

It’s my wish. I never wanted anything so bad.

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I want to change him into a good muslim but I am not able to. Help me (9)

I won’t leave him I cannot. I got into this relationship thinking we would have a future and we can. But I just need to change him into a better Muslim. How do I?

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

Amulets and the evil eye (11)

I just want to know the exact situation that what is happening in my house and with my family. Is my family suffering from black magic? And who has done this?


I hope my sister dies (11)

I am 12. She is 18 and my mum wants her out her life she is useless!! IM CRYING EVERYDAY CAUSE OF HER

In-Laws Problems»

My husband’s family have taken my baby away (10)

The only time I saw my baby was when I was breast-feeding. My mother in law demands for my daughter to call her “mum”.

interracial marriage»

I’m in love with a non muslim man (1)

We soon hope to get married but of course he has to convert first… Interracial marriage is okay for the men in my family but not the woman.


My husband has a porn addiction (22)

Our whole life together he lead this double life… he would stay up at night saying he’s working he would turn me away all because he was addicted to porn…

Secret Marriages»

2 weeks pregnant (14)

I told him I can’t abort. I’ve done so once before in the past and I repented and till this day it haunts me no matter the reasons i did for it to be done.