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Can I wear this? (4)

Can I wear a mini skirt for my husband?

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I’m questioning Allah’s justice… (4)

Is this injustice done by Allah to this ummah? I’m having doubts about Islam.

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He is asking for my father’s number! (4)

I really don’t want my parents to be involved…Should I allow him to contact my father?

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How can I remove the bad dua on my family? (4)

Someone told me there is a bad dua on me and my family. Please help!

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Marriage in trouble due to health issue (6)

I have vaginismus and my husband is not agreeing to the required treatment.

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

This marriage is a nightmare (13)

My marriage from day one has had more downs than ups, i feel like im in a nightmare, i want this marriage to end.


Moving out from an abusive home – I need advice (4)

I’m being emotionally abused at home and am wondering if it would be a sin to move out. I’ve considered suicide.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

I´m 16, I kissed a boy and I regret it (2)

I admit i have done a few things, which i deeply regret, which is forbidden in Islam, looking back now i am in complete shock.

Forced Marriage»

My marriage was forced and I committed a big sin (5)

I commited zina with a man other than my husband, from whom I am getting a divorce. Should I tell the truth to my parents and in court?

In-Laws Problems»

Husband can’t balance wife and family (2)

It’s been a year and a half since he’s been back. We don’t really spend much time together, as he works 7 days a week and is always tired. He has been taking care of me and helping me a lot and has been saving money, but whenever he returns from work most of the time he’s always stressed.

interracial marriage»

I’m South Asian he’s Arab, how can I convince my parents to accept him? (3)

I am almost 18, and I have met someone I want to marry. We are only best friends right now, but we have spoken about  marriage. But I am South Asian in London and he is Arab living in his country.

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I wanted to overlook his bad past (4)

I wasn’t planning on judging him for mistakes he made in the past, but when I started to get to know him better, I realized that he wasn’t really the person I thought he was when I first met him. I still decided that I wanted to be with him in hope that he’d change.


Lifelong masturbation and porn addiction has left me feeling suicidal (11)

I got introduced to the concept of masturbation and sex when i was 10 years old. I am 28 now and I am going through an existential crises. I dont understand the purpose of my life anymore.

Secret Marriages»

Cannot contact her family, can she marry me? (2)

She cannot go back to country,  met her family and can’t communicate because of some political issues. It’s also impossible for me to meet her family or communicate about marriage (take their permission).

Unfaithful Spouse»

I love my husband, but I cheated on him (6)

I have been EXTREMELY happily married for 14 years, and have 2 children. We have been the kind of mushy couple that is always asked if we’re honeymooners. We are best friends! But I recently cheated on my husband. I didn’t get any satisfaction out of it, it was purely for the other person.


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