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Parents unaccepting of interracial marriage (0)

My mother can’t see an interracial marriage being right for me or our family. She says there will be too may troubles.

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Sexual relationship with wife (1)

We are newly married. Must we have sex?

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Feel like committing suicide (0)

I love her so much. I know if she gave me another chance things would go back to how they were but she is choosing not to.

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I feel like I’m wasting my time waiting for him to change (1)

I always felt like he isn’t the one I could live my life with… Over the past year there is an ever growing distance between us.

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My friend and I have been raped (2)

I am 17 and she is 16… whenever it is dark I see his face…

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Amulets (Taw'eez / Tameemah)»

Amulets and the evil eye (11)

I just want to know the exact situation that what is happening in my house and with my family. Is my family suffering from black magic? And who has done this?


What to do for a cheating father? (0)

I’m 12 years old. Recently I have found evidence of my father cheating on my mother.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends»

We met on social media and fell in love (4)

Now she is saying after 5 years that she doesn’t feel the same…

In-Laws Problems»

In laws issues, husband can’t have children (7)

My life came crashing down. The one thing I had always wanted I cannot have.

interracial marriage»

Please help a new sister !! (4)

I just really don’t know what to do with everything going on in my life and I am really struggling to come to terms with everything

Islamic Answers 2017»

Is she doing wrong? (1)

My mother treats her mother very harshly and rudely. She’s fine with everyone else.


Forgiveness from Allah for major sins I committed in Ramadan (6)

I watched porn sites with him… Suddenly one day I committed zina with him who is non-Muslim. I want to repent.

Secret Marriages»

Got curses on first day of Ramadan (3)

Is this the way siblings hurt each other when they cannot even understand you? How selfishly they all have misused me.

Unfaithful Spouse»

Wife’s Extra Marital Affair (5)

Recently I have received evidence that she is having an over the phone affair with her boss.