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As-salamu alaykum dear readers,

The preferred method to submit your question is to. log in or. register as a member, and write a post, which will be submitted as a draft.

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A few things to be aware of:

1. We receive many questions every day. There is sometimes a long wait to get your question answered. I encourage you to look through the previously answered questions to see if a similar question has been answered. Also, seek other resources in your community, such as an Imam, an elder relative, a counselor or therapist, etc.

2. Because we receive so many questions, we have a limit of 4 questions from any individual per calendar year.

3. We are not a fatwa service and do not give legal rulings. We provide common sense Islamic advice on Muslim marriage and family issues.

4. Please limit your questions to marriage, relationship and family issues. In other words, no questions about Islamic economics, political issues, nutrition, etc. Maybe in the future we can expand our Islamic question and answer service to include those issues Insha'Allah, but right now we only specialize in Muslim family and marriage topics.

5. Important note:  maintain your privacy! Sometimes people submit their question, then after the question has been published and answered they ask us to delete it because they afraid that someone who knows them will see it. By policy, we do not delete posts after they have been published. So if you want to keep your identity private, I suggest the following:

  • Don't use your real name.
  • Change some of the important details so that your identity will not be recognizable. For example, if you got married in the masjid five years ago, you might say you got married at a banquet hall seven years ago.
  • Change your location. If you live in Egypt, you might change it to Palestine or UAE, for example.

May Allah aid you and ease your difficulties.

- Wael

Note: We do not accept questions by email.

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