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This website was founded by Wael Abdelgawad and used to be a part of Muslim Matrimonials.

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This website used to be called "Ask Bilqis," as you can see from the old banner image, but since Sister Bilqis retired many years ago it has been renamed The old Ask Bilqis answer page (with questions and answers from 1999 to 2006) can be found at

Our Team

Wael - Chief Editor, is an Egyptian-American living in Fresno, California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including and, and also of various technology and travel websites. He has been a web developer since 1997. His fiction writing has appeared extensively on the popular blog. He is divorced with one lovely young daughter named Salma. Wael practices and teaches martial arts (somewhat obsessively), and loves Islamic books, science fiction novels, and vanilla fudge ice cream. He is also a volunteer with the MyDeen Muslim youth organization in Fresno.

Amy - Editor and Trainer, has been working on since 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology as well as a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. She is currently a licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia, USA. Amy currently lives in Cairo, Egypt, which she considers her true home. Amy worked for over a decade as a Life Coach in America's largest health insurance company, and currently is developing her own literary services business. Her dream, in shaa Allah, is to one day open her own counseling center in Egypt, where she will supervise and train newly graduated clinical professionals while offering affordable mental health services to the population. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, and searching for the best char-broiled cheeseburger ever made.

midnightmoon - Senior Editor and Comments Team Lead, says, "I'm a revert and currently live in the UK. When I'm not working, I study Quran and do voluntary work to help animal welfare and homeless people in my home town. I love languages, literature and creative arts, and have had work presented at international conferences and festivals."

Nor - Editor

Mayameen -  Editor, says, "Salaamu Alaikum, I'm Mayameen and I live in USA. I'm from Chicago, but my family and I moved to Virginia where we became muslim 23 years ago. I read Qur'an, books of Ahadith, read and write arabic and am learning to speak Arabic. I tutor English online. I love spending time with my family, and would like to make hajj and travel to different countries."

Inactive Editors

Muhammad1982 - Senior Editor and Trainer, says about himself, "I am 28 years old and have a master degree in Business Management. I work as a full-time receptionist and have a part-time sales job. I have previously worked as a teacher, a sales officer in a pharmaceutical company, and assistant marketing officer in a multi-national firm. I am passionate about helping people in need and find peace and happiness in doing so and find myself more close to Allah Almighty. I love to learn new things, more importantly about our beautiful religion and try to pass it on to others and use my knowledge for the greater benefit of human beings. My hobbies include swimming, gym, extreme cycling, skating, free running, learning new languages, meeting people from different backgrounds, cultures and to get to know them, watching documentaries about historic events, science fiction etc. Also, I love reading, traveling to see different places and if I have nothing else to do then I cook for my friends or family whenever I can. I am privileged to have been offered this opportunity to help other human beings with my very limited knowledge of religion through this beautiful platform. May Allah (SWT) help us understand our religion in its true spirit and help us to implement this in our daily lives and reflect through our actions. (Amin)."

Sara - Editor, says about herself, "I have previously studied Arabic at the Ibn Jabal Institute, UK, and am currently studying tajweed part-time. I love learning new things, particularly Arabic (MSA), which I study obsessively as it brings me closer to the word of God- the Qur'an. My father is a revert and I feel privileged to have Alhamdulillah been taught about the religion Islam by my parents without it being diluted by culture. I love learning about my deen and trying to apply it in my life, and hope I am able to pass on the (little) knowledge I have and help others, Inshallah. I have a wide range of weird and wonderful hobbies including Arabic, trying international cuisine, gaming, sports, learning new skills and spending time with family. I especially love Indian and Arabic food."

Sister Z  -  Editor, says about herself, "I'm a Muslim woman, trying to improve myself and hopeful of a future filled with genuine eemaan and deen. I've learned many lessons in life, few in class, and more through life's many experiences. I also absolutely love learning about Islam. I want to use this gift of insight and knowledge- albeit small, to enable me to humbly and sincerely help others. I pray Allah gives you every success and happiness, Brother Wael, for giving me this platform."

Abdul Wali Carter - Editor, joined in July 2010. Abdul Wali says about himself: "A Muslim revert of many years. Doing my best to please Allah everyday. As my knowledge of Islam expands so does my love for this deen. I'm married with 3 daughters. In addition, my wife and I have been raising a brother and sister who were formerly in foster care. Insha Allah, we have helped them to become good Muslims. I work for a major cellular company as a Network Engineer. My time away from work usually includes training in martial arts, (Hapkido, Muay thai and Brazilian Jui Jitsu). By the way, I also love to eat Chicken Biryani."

AmericanMuslim - Editor, took a rather unconventional path to Islam.  Born into a christian family, he spent over five decades pondering the source of the voice of reason somewhere deep in his soul, the one he frequently ignored.  Allah choose to guide him to Islam in early 2012 at the age of 52, through exposure to pious Muslims throughout his adult life.  Suddenly he realized Allah was the source of the voice deep inside, that He had been trying to guide him all along.  American Muslim finally began to listen.  He is, by trade, a software engineer.  But his true avocation that he is a slave of Allah.  He is the father of twins, whom he is trying to lead to the Truth of Islam in a secular American society.  So far, so good.  His life has improved immeasurably since he reverted, Alhamdulillah, and he prays that each day Allah will find a way to lead him another step closer to Jannah and one step removed from Shaytan.

Former Editors

Noorah - Editor, is a Muslim revert of 16 years. She is a da'eeyah and teacher for ladies in the virtual world of Second Life. However, she is not currently active on this website.

Khadija, Associate Editor, says, "I am a 29 year-old divorced mom and a U.S. Navy veteran (served for 7 years). I am fluent in Korean and I can get by with Arabic and Indonesian, and I'm also CPR certified. I'm a small-town girl from the Bible belt with absolutely no prior knowledge of Islam at all but amazingly I reverted over six years ago (alhamdulillah) after having been exposed to it through friends I met while serving. Right now I work in home-based day care but I am working on my bachelors' degree in early child-care education so that I can open a licensed business in my town. I'm a simple woman with simple pleasures. All I need is a few good books to read, some time with family, intelligent conversation with open minded people, a nice park or open space to do my jogging and bike riding and I'm good. I'm absolutely crazy about Moroccan and Middle Eastern food."

Muhammad Waseem (Abu Abdul Bari) - Senior Editor and Islamic Finance Specialist, says, "Born in a South Asian country in a Muslim dominated town. I lived there for several years and then moved to the Middle East, where I spent some more years. Here, Allah enabled me to create a spark to seek knowledge. I moved to my home-country and sought 'ilm from sources Allah guided me to. Seeking 'ilm is my passion, Allah's pleasure is my objective. I love studying about 'aqeedah and manhaj, thus bringing myself  closer to the way of the Sahabaah, Tabi'een, Atba' at Tabi'een and whoever followed them. I enjoy eating Arabian cuisine and Tandoori chicken."

Leyla - Editor, says about herself, "I am a former PR and Marketing Manager of one of England's largest  counselling charities where for we worked with victims of bad marriages, trauma, rape, victimisation, bullying and helplines. We also trained Priests, Imams and other religious leaders in counselling skills so that they could advise their congregations better, and we also advised and supported smaller charities which catered to ethnic minorities in Britain which mostly centred around the Islamic communities and the difficulties they face. Before that I was a teacher in a Muslim school, where the children would regularly share with me the difficulties they face. I am part of a life coaching project to bring life coaching to the Islamic Community, and I work as a volunteer fundraiser for charities which to date have included SOS Children's Orphanages, a counselling charity and Cancer Research."

Ask Us!

Do you have a problem concerning marriage, family relationships, or childraising? Ask us! But please bear in mind that we get many questions every day and can only answer a few. Look through our past questions and answers, or use the search feature on the website to search for specific terms. There are hundreds of answered questions, so it's quite likely that a problem similar to yours has already been addressed.

Keep in mind that we are not Islamic muftis or legal scholars and do not issue fatwas. We answer questions with common sense, open minds and an Islamic perspective based on Quran and Sunnah.

We also encourage you to also seek other sources of assistance, such as family members, your local Imam, visiting scholars, or wise individuals from your community.

The preferred method to submit your question is to log in or register as a member, and write a post, which will be submitted as a draft.

Help Others With Your Advice

I encourage you to post comments and advice of your own. You will see many questions posted on the site that have not been answered because of time limitations, so if you want to give your own answer I know that the brother or sister will be grateful. Sometimes people just need to know that someone cares. Your advice could make all the difference.

If you do offer advice or comment on any question, please keep in mind these guidelines:

Please Do Not:

  • Ridicule or mock anyone.
  • Encourage hatred, racism or nationalism.
  • Judge or condemn someone harshly. Even though they may have committed sins or made mistakes, they are human beings who are confused or in pain. They need guidance, not vitriol.
  • (For those non-Muslim readers) denounce the Islamic religion or Muslim beliefs. That is not helpful.
  • Any comments displaying the above qualities will be deleted. This is not one of those "anything goes" types of forums.

Please Do:

  • Show compassion and kindness in your answer. Be gentle.
  • Try to answer as a Muslim, keeping in mind the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Remember that Islam is a religion of mercy and forgiveness.

Barak Allahu feekum. May Allah guide us and bless us all.

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