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My brother-in-law masturbates because his wife is too tired for sex

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My 25-year-old brother-in-law has a high sex drive. When his spouse (my sister) doesn't allow him to have sex with her due to her body is tired, he watches porn on his mobile phone and masturbates while lying down beside her.

He respected her decision not to have sex and chose instead to release his desires by himself. His wife is devastated by his actions. (1) On an Islamic standpoint, are his actions allowed? (2) What would be the best way to save their marriage?

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  1. His actions are haraam .Porn is haraam whatever may be the reason..
    If this becomes addiction again it's bigger problem ..
    I think this is the time your sister and her husband should sit together n find solution like say if she can help him master bate with her hand and without porn ..A wife helping husband to master bate with hand is allowed ..Please note no PORN at any situation

    • Communication solves many problems in relationships, it's the foundation of any long lasting relationship. They should find time and talk about their issues. They should state each others side and how they see to it. He has that high sex drive because of his porn obsession and his insatiable desires as a result of the porn. At this point, your wife needs to talk to him and hear him out on what he has to say and vice versa. Maybe he can even go to a therapist or counselor to work out his obsession problem. He needs to find a way to control his horny behavior cuz those kind of people are likely to cheat when opportunity rises, he should learn to control his urge. Talk about it and seek solutions from someone you trust or a professional that's experienced with situations like these. Oh, and pray for recovery and resolution. Sending your family happiness and ❤

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