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I’m in love…with my cousin’s wife!


I'm a Muslim male.

I've been masturbating to nudes/pictures of my cousin's wife, who is also Muslim.

I don't know how to stop because I'm also in love with her.

Please help me, I am desperate. Give me some guidance or comfort, please.


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  1. walaikum assalam, First how did you find her photos and does her husband know about them?

  2. Asalamualakyum Brother,

    I suggest you start small. Every time you think of your cousin's wife, divert your mind to some other idea, whether it be a hobby, an interest, even a food or tv show that you like. Try to distract yourself. Get up and go do something, like taking care of your hygeine, for example.

    If you must masturbate, then try to do it in its simplest physical form by not attaching or recollecting any images of your cousin's wife to it.

    As long as you do not act on your desires for your cousin's wife, you are okay. We are not held accountable for mere thoughts, as they come and go throughout our lives.

    Over time, your feelings for her will fade InshaAllah, as this sounds like infatuation.

    I wish you the best Brother,


  3. Sound advice already given by Nor.

    I'd like to add that you eliminate the source of the nudes (hidden camera/shared with you) whatever it is and delete the pics you have to reduce temptation

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