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Forced to marry my first cousin, but I loved another man

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I need help to live my life happily.

I have been married to my first cousin whom I didn't like and definitely don't love. I was married by the emotional force of parents and society to save their "social relations" and maintain their respect.

I was in love with another guy that also knows my family, but they didn't like him. I still cannot accept my husband. I cannot give him respect or feelings, nor can I make myself happy with this situation. Every single day ends with fighting and arguments, because we both married for our parents' happiness rather than our own.

What should I do now?

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  1. Can you please elaborate how it was a "forced marriage".Did Someone put a gun to your head or were you forced to sign the nokkah papers and accept your husband?If that's the case then indeed its a forced marriage that isn't valid in Islam.Otherwise if this is not the case then its not.You could have said no but you didn't.So now if you accept him as your husband whole heartdly and work on your marriage then you guys can move forward.Otherwise you can take khula.

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