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My parents abused me into signing nikah papers

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Assalam aliqum everyone!

I am a Pakistani and 23 years old. I lived in UAE, but after I completed high school, I came to Lahore, Pakistan for my undergraduate degree. Due to coronavirus, my mother and siblings moved back here to Pakistan in 2020 while my father is still in UAE.

I completed my undergrad and came home to Multan on March 2, 2023; the next day, my mother told me about some proposal and that they were coming to see me the next day so I told my mother that I like someone else and want to marry that guy and they should speak to his family. I am not interested in their proposal but she insisted I see this guy. So I did, but still said "no" to it!

My mother began pressuring me to say "yes" by taunting me that they shouldn't have sent me to university. Then, for Eid-ul-fitr, my father came to Pakistan and soon after that, he began pressuring me as well while my mother and I had stopped talking. After the 3th day of Eid, my parents started forcing me even more and when I didn't agree, they beat me a lot and even then I refused and my mom had also taken away my phone from me so I couldn't contact anyone or ask for help.

After all the beating and everything my father threatened me that if I didn't sign the nikkah papers he would punish my three siblings by not letting them get further education and would marry them off as soon as possible (they are all younger than me)!  So I had no choice but to sign the papers and since then, I have been in depression and my mental and physical health has declined!

I tried to accept this nikkah somehow but I couldn't because I still love the other guy and still want to marry him. I can no longer continue staying in this contract as it's taking a toll on my life overall, so I don't know what to do. Also, my ruksati is not done yet and my parents have not yet registered my nikkah as they are planning to move the family back to Dubai--if they register my nikkah my visa won't be approved because my father will sponsor that visa!

I want to get this nikkah annuled because I cannot accept this nikkah! Please tell me what options have or if there is any advice that would help me! Please keep me in your prayers!


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