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My husband and his previous partner recited Kalma Nikah to “remove Zina!”

Salam all,

I have a question for which I am unable to find proper answers online. My husband had committed zina with another woman...I found that out recently. He was remorseful. But he told me that him and that woman recited the kalma nikah to remove the zina and they made the affair halal. Please advise if that is the way to do it. Also technically, are they husband and wife now? Please all, I hope you will see my message and advise me. Thank you.


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  1. No, they are not husband and wife. There is no such thing as "kalma Nikah". They can only ask for forgiveness from Allah by saying "toba" and be committed that they won't do such an ugly deed again.

    • Thank you for your reply... I've already told my husband that this so-called nikah is not valid..but he doesn't listen..he still insists that in the eyes of Allah the "nikah" is halal...I have to make him promise that he can't sex with her anymore and I am actually still letting him meet her...what should I do...?

    • Must repent for the Zina and also for innovation! “Kalmia Nikah is unheard of in Islam. The couple should repent profusely and commit to not ever to repeat such act.Allah is Ghafur -R- Raheem & most mercy

  2. Thank you for your reply...I've already told my husband that there is no such thing and the "nikah" that they did is invalid...he insists that the "nikah" is valid and halal in the eye of Allah.. all i can do as a wife is pray to Allah to forgive his sins..but overall he needs to answer to Allah on the day of judgement himself...

  3. He is making up stuff. He committed a grave sin and creating a lie to justify what he did. Get him tested for STD. And go for counseling.

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